6 week whirlwind.

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Hi all

I am brand new to the community.

A bit about me:
I recently turned '40', and did not foresee that this would be the next major life event for me. I have 2 children, 18 yr old daughter, 10 yr old son, partner, dog and I work full time. 

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind.
I found a lump on my upper breast after rubbing an aching shoulder. After the scans, tests, biopsies, I was diagnosed in June 2022 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 2. My primary tumour was 23mm x 22mm. Last week I had breast conserving surgery. I am now awaiting results from surgery and will discuss next treatment decisions at my upcoming appointment. 

I have shown little emotion about my diagnosis and still a bit numb to it all, even after surgery. 

I look forward to sharing and learning from your stories. 

Take care x


  • jennyss
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    Dear @byefelicia,
    I had a lumpectomy in 2017, followed by chemo, radiotherapy and ongoing hormone treatment. Five years later and all going very well. You will learn from this community that everyone has their own path dealing with BC, but we all 'get it'. Our feelings are as much part of the package as our physical situation. 

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Hi @byefelicia, breast cancer is a tough gig. Many successes in here and this online group is amazing support. I found everyone so helpful. The are no comments or questions off limits. It's ok to share how you feel. We all understand. It is an overwhelming journey, especially at the start but once you have a treatment plan it helps having that to work through. Wishing you best wishes. Let us know how you go with the next steps if you want to. Good luck 
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    Hi @byefelicia
    There is a lot of very helpful stuff on this website as well as much support on this forum.
    We have all been there one way or another.
    Many find the emotional and psychological side of breast cancer every bit as challenging as the physical impacts.
    I found the Dr Charlotte Tottman podcasts “ What you don’t know until you do”  on here ( see further up under “announcements”) very helpful - she was a psychologist specialising in cancer related distress who herself got breast cancer.
    Take care and post any question you like on here , and vent if you need to .
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    Hi @byefelicia, it's such a shock when you're in the intial stages and don't know what's next down the road... especially when you are young and don't expect this to happen to you. The BCNA articles are great to demystify and explain all the medical jargon and I would often trawl the BCNA discussion boards too when questions popped in my head, often in the middle of the night.

    Similar to you, I am in my mid-40s with two kids aged 6 and 9. I found a lump late last year and was diagnosed early this year, it's been a huge change to focus on dealing with my health as the number one priority rather than the kids and work. 

    All the best with your treatment and the community here is great for any queries. I also have recently started attending bosom buddies coffee catchups and younger women's groups which are a great support network too.
    Best wishes