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Lump below collarbone Looking to others …

Newbie3312 Member Posts: 34
edited June 2022 in Metastatic breast cancer
Hi ladies. I am waiting to get ct on lump I found just below my collarbone near sternum. Not a panicker but I’m almost certain it’s my cancer spreading … soooo…. Wondering who has had this and what were you’re treatments etc ?
just trying to wrap my head around what I may be up for 
also have noticed pain in back but have broken ribs (6weeks ago) so assume that’s from that. Am very swollen in face hands and feet every morning and black circles around eyes. Nauseous. Hungry but not hungry. 
Currently on tamoxifen and zoladex and venafalaxaine 
thanks 😊 


  • MicheleR
    MicheleR Member Posts: 343
    Hi @Newbie3312,

    Noone has responded yet so Ill let you know people are out there.

    I dont have metatastic cancer, nor have i had a recurrence so may be unqualified to help. 

    You dont say if you already have metastasis or if your original cancer is recent etc. 

    Sometimes we worry. Its hard not to after the trauma of a cancer diagnosis but what you are worrying about might not be. You are getting checked which is really the best course of action. 

    Hope all is well and the ct scan shows nothing untoward.

  • Newbie3312
    Newbie3312 Member Posts: 34
    @MicheleR thanks for reply. 

    Lumpectomy 2 years ago and some lymph nodes removed which were clear. 

    Have spoken to surgeon since my original message and off for an ultrasound tomorrow and see him Tuesday for results. 

    Hope you are well 😊
  • MicheleR
    MicheleR Member Posts: 343
    Hi @Newbie3312,

    Well thats good. Try not to worry. Impossible I know.  Hope for the best and deal with the problem when it is a problem is the best advice I can offer. 

    Take care 🙂
  • Ellamary98
    Ellamary98 Member Posts: 158
    Hi @Newbie3312. I just read your post and wonder how your scan went? I hope it is not as you dreaded, but it sounds as though your current treatment was taking its toll regardless. I hope things have settled for you, and also that your ribs have fully mended. Ouch!
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 796
    Hi  @Newbie3321 sorry to hear of the surprise find
    I had my surgery in 2017 fast forward since 2019 been treated for bone lesion’s (mets)
    all good the treatment options are there
    this week for me we are finally winning with markers not gone but down. Growth and activity have stopped. I have mets on sacrum, sternum and 2nd rib. 
    My treatment team at clinic  have been great and i follow their advise. And mostly do what i have to
    good luck with your results. Let us know how you get on