Double mastectomy

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Hi after 3 months since breast cancer and 2 operations and margins not met I have to have a double mastectomy can you please prepare me for what to expect and any tips?


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    I'm sure others in time who've had the double will come on but in the meantime here's a website where you can garner a lot of information

    About Us - Reclaim Your Curves
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    Hi there
    Thats bummer after having had 2 surgeries already but it’s always a risk ..Because of the size of my tumour I really was steered towards a mastectomy in the first instance and in the end I went for the double with delayed DIEP reconstruction ( where they use your tummy fat).
    It’s a huge shock with emotional issues as well as physical ones.
    From a practical point of view the big issue is do you want reconstruction or just want to go flat , and if you do want reconstruction do you want implants or reconstruction using your own fat?
    I was referred to a plastic surgeon prior to my mastectomy  to run through the options and it is a lot to take in for sure.
    There is a private group on here you can ask to join “ Choosing Reconstruction” that has lots of stories and photos I found very useful ( my story is on there) and there is also a helpful website “Reclaim Your Curves” dealing with reconstruction.
    Take care🌺
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    Hi @Faith123, I’m sorry to hear about your bc diagnosis and surgery dramas
    I had a mastectomy 12yrs years ago and will be having my other’good’ breast removed soon. I’ll be remaining flat. Is this what you are doing or is there recon involved too?The actual mastectomy op is not much different to a lumpectomy -pain wise and recovery wise. You’ll possibly be in hospital for 3 days and have drains in. The pain was abit intense for 3 days and then it eased off. Button down the front pjs are a good idea.Don’t feel you have to have a shower the next day if you aren’t up to it- I opted for a wash bowl. You may have a binder around your chest but a nurse will check your dressing/wound.I looked at my chest the next day and I wasn’t as shocked as I thought I’d be- maybe I was on a painkiller high! It’s a big adjustment and I think the mental and emotional impact hits you later. It’s probably easier to wear shirts and cardigans at first,incase it’s hard to lift your arm up.A small soft cushion under the seatbelt might help you get home. Best wishes for your surgery and ask any questions. xx
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    Hi Tonya, Many thanks for your kind rely. My good breast is being sacrificed so I can be even, and not have future problems with the good breast. Wish you all the best with your surgery and health. Need hormone drugs as part of the course.
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    I am sorry to hear. It was a shock for me too when I was told I needed a single mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy. I have however found a lot of positives in having a mastectomy and have decided to have a double a mastectomy. I stained flat and love it. I am comfortable and recovery was beautiful.

    I am happy to answer any specific question you may have. Here a link on staying flat that may help.

    Good luck! 💫