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I was diagnosed just 16 days ago and the Drs are saying that I need a mastectomy. It just seems so quick. I think I'm cool with it am thinking if they're going to take one they may as well take both so as to reduce the risk of bc showing up in the other. ANy thought would be greatly appreciated thanks


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    So sorry to see you here but rest assured on this network there is a lot of support and information to be sha
    I started out thinking I could have a lumpectomy but the cancer was so big I was advised to have a mastectomy.
    After much anxious consideration I decided to have a double mastectomy - skin sparing  with delayed reconstruction using my tummy fat.
    Its a huge decision and I talked to not only my breast cancer surgeon but my ( amazing female) GP , a lady who had “done the double” too as well as looking at the stories on the private “choosing breast reconstruction” group on here - if you phone the helpline they can help you join that group.
    Take care🌺
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    I had my mastectomy three days after my biopsy results. Quick it was, but a good thing. You can always decide about your other breast at a later date, when you know how you have recovered. Your decision about reconstruction will be a significant factor too. A lot depends on the details of your diagnosis and how likely or unlikely cancer in your other breast is. For me, there was no indication that I was more likely to get cancer again in my remaining breast than in another part of my body. Nine years later, that position still stands. Best wishes whatever you decide.  
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    thanks for reaching out, my query I guess is that the Drs are saying that they want to operate within the next two weeks I don't think I'm processing the enormity of it all. I do have a psychologist and I had positive discussions with the Drs but it all seems so quick. and I don't know what treatment their offering until they take them off
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    So Sorry to see you here, @kmaree - but welcome to the 'blog' and the exclusive club that I bet you never thought you'd join. xx  

    It sounds like things are moving quickly, which is actually a good thing, as the waiting really sucks :( 

    Do you know any more details about which type of BC it is?   Terrific that you have a psychologist already - throw up any questions that you may have and the ladies here will do their best to support you xx

    Jump onto this thread for links to other areas on the blog - different bits on art & craft, gardens & 'funnies' .... plus tips on what to take to hospital with you & questions to put to your medical team at any time xx

    Take care & all the best with your ongoing treatment xx
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    Hi everyone is different that’s the problem☹️
    My breast cancer surgeon told me I could go flat with a single mastectomy ( which would have been a big chang as I was E cup) or if I wanted reconstruction I could have an implant or use my own fat from elsewhere on my body .
    He referred me to a plastic surgeon for a consult within a week of my first consult with him and I had the mastectomy with insertion of “tissue expander “ to save the space for the later reconstruction.
    It all happens to fast and it’s a lot to take in - many ladies just have a single mastectomy not  a double and many don’t have reconstruction .
    But my understanding is that the Drs are supposed to discuss the possibility of reconstruction before the mastectomy as the way they do it may close off reconstructive options down the track.
    Do you have a breast care nurse you can have this discussion with?
    The main reason I had a double mastectomy was  I didn’t want the anxiety of worrying if it would come to the other breast ( I was given statistics of 10 percent - many would take those odds, I chose not too).
    But the position that you shouldn’t touch a perfectly healthy breast when there is no need is a valid one as well.
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    Hi there, 

    @kmaree I can just imagine how your feeling right now & how overwhelming this must all be & it’s normal to be feeling the way you are. Everything happens so quickly, but I found for me it was the best way for it. I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer at the end of November 2021, in my right breast.  My surgeon performed a lumpectomy, 3 lymph nodes removed & a wide local excision, to form a clear margin. Thankfully it didn’t spread into my lymph nodes, but it did show DCIS - this had been detected in two procedures that he had done. I was then left with another big decision - to have another wide local excision or to have a mastectomy, as I was also told if I was to have a wide local excision & it did show DCIS, I have no choice but to have a mastectomy done. So I chose to have a single mastectomy & reconstruction done. I’m so thankful I chose to have the mastectomy done & my breast surgeon to decided it’s best to remove my nipple.  I’m so thankful for my breast surgeon & that we had these discussions together & that he chose to do what he did, as the results showed after my mastectomy that I had an undetected tumor hiding behind my nipple & my breast was covered with DCIS. What really helped for me was my medical team my breast surgeon, plastics surgeon & breast care nurses ( I also have type 1 Diabetes so my Endocrinologist was also in these discussions) as they put things into perspective for me & the type of reconstruction to have. I was very confident to have the mastectomy done ( which I had done just recently in March)  but I’m so thankful that I got it done & I don’t regret it. As I don’t have enough fat on my body, I had to go with the breast expander put in. I had good conversations with my plastics surgeon about this & they gave me there best advice through it all & continue on doing this. 

    I wish you all the love and luck in your decision cause I know it’s not easy. But ultimately discuss it with your surgeons and you support team. Also remember we’re all here for you too. 

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    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your wonderful support. I now have my surgery date...2/6 and I've opted for a bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction as I have underlying health issues and the team doesn't want me under for longer than necessary. Ive been blessed to find and have so much support and I'm settled in myself with the decision I've made.
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    All the best with your surgery and recovery.🌺
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    Wishing you all the best with your surgery @kmaree & your recovery. Just listen to your body after the surgery & rest. If you have any questions from now to your surgery, I found speaking to my breast care nurses helped me alot or jump on the discussion groups on here.
    Good luck ♥️♥️
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    The surgery was meant to be yesterday but it was canceled due to the fact that there were no beds in ICU 
    Hopefully, it will go ahead next Friday or the week after.
    I was all ready and now I'm feeling a bit flat but I'm thinking that the Drs have my best interest at heart and that will keep me going also the support from family and friends has been very warming.
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    Oh that’s really tough on you after working yourself up to the surgery.
    I hope you can have the op soon.
    I have a slightly wacky sense of humour and chucked at the “ feeling flat” line - the richness of the English language!
    Take care🌺
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    I'm sorry for your diagnosis.
    I had a single mastectomy with axillary clearance Feb 2020. My surgeon wasn't keen on removing a healthy breast.
    Also I think it was a case of wanting to get rid of the cancer quickly, recover and get on with Chemo and R/T.
    2 years on now, and I want symmetry. I hated having one breast 18DD. I hated needing a prosthesis.
    I considered going flat, but I have a bit of a fat tummy. So on to reconstruction.
    So 3 weeks ago, I had a prophylactic Mastectomy with tissue expander, and Latisimus Dorsi flap to my original side, also with tissue expander. At present I have A/B cup nippless boobs. The size will be increased over the next few months.
    I wasn't too concerned re cancer developing in the healthy breast, but it is one less worry.
    Symmetry was my biggest concern. Flat or reconstructed.
    Good luck with your surgery and recovery. And any other treatment that you may need.
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    @abbydog @Julez1958 thanks for your support I have a new date😋 this Friday am getting confident still and looking forward to having it done.
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    I was in the same boat earlier this year. I was supposed fo have a single mastectomy, but decided to have a double and I am currently flat. 
    Shorter recovery time (generally), no more mammogram, I can easily feel all my skin for any potential early detection of local reoccurrence. I am very happy with my decision and would love to talk to you about my experience if you would like.

    I had my surgery done by a breat cancer surgeon and she did a great job.

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    well! it didn't go ahead :( twice preped for surgery onlyto be told to go home :(:(
    The treating team decided that a bilateral mastectomy was just too risky given my underlying conditions. I am now waiting for the second biopsy to be done as they found another lump in the same breast then I will be having two lumpectomies under local anesthetic  I just wish the team had had this discusion two weeks ago
    Never mind i am still feeling that they are really looking after me cant fault their care.