Newly diagnosed - itchy body sensations

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    So sorry to see that you've joined our exclusive club @Siewli xx.

    If you add your town/city to your profile (click on your name & then click on 'profile' on the left) we may have members in your area who can help you with existing services in the area ... and maybe even arrange a meet & greet!

    I hope all went well with your appointment with the surgeon today - I hope you were able to take someone with you for support if you could .... and considered recording the appointment on your phone, as it is easy to miss bits at the time.

    I can't help you with the itch - but make sure you ask the surgeon about it .... start writing down your questions today (do 2 copies - one for the surgeon as well, so he can tick them off too, as you raise them. It is easy to forget to mention some otherwise, even if written down!)

    Feel free to jump onto the Newly Diagnosed and tell us your story so far xx. Then you can follow up there with how your various appts go afterwards.

    When you have 5 spare mins, feel free to jump onto this thread & read up on some other areas of the forum - down the bottom are links to questions to ask your specialists & what to take to hospital with you .... 

    Stay away from Dr Google, 
    take lots of deep breaths, and try not to get ahead of yourself ... just take one day at a time. xx

    take care & all the best xx

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    I'm very worried that it's very advanced stage after seeing specialist. As my cancer is grade 2 and it has spread and lymph nodes seems to have swelling and I'm feeling pricking feeling all over my body. Specialist think that it has been in there for 12-18mths. It's not looking good. Is there any diet that I should avoid? Feeling helpless
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    I can hear the shock in your post but we are here to help

    The BCNA website is an excellent resource

    Here's one on diet
    Healthy eating | Breast Cancer Network Australia (

    You haven't mentioned what type of Breast Cancer so here's another link from the website to help you

    Types of breast cancer (

    Deep breaths!
    Take care
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    Swollen lymph nodes always sound scary but in my own case most was caused by irritation, not cancer spread, from the known tumour. Pathology should clarify the position. Best wishes. 
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    Hi @Siewli, grade 2 is not the most aggressive and is treatable. Grade is totally different to staging. I know it is scary. My breast cancer was a high grade 3 but my stage was 1-2. I am ok. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and had surgery, chemo and radium. There are great treatments for breast cancer and much success. 

    It is hard not having control but when you get your treatment plan and it starts you will feel better as things will be happening. 

    Sure start to look at what you eat as per the link above. You can also do a bit of exercise as it has been proven to help with treatment. Even walking is good. Practising mindfulness and meditation is also great to do and helps reduce stress.  

    Be kind to yourself. Best wishes