another delay, sad and mad and very disappointed

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Hi, I've had a disappointing week and I thought I would drop in with all you wonderful people and unload (sorry it feels like going down not up lately)   I'm about 4 weeks into my 2nd time round, I had the lumpectomy in 2020 and now I'm ready for double mastectomy and not considering reconstruction.  Had surgery booked for Friday 1st and I had a recent UTI but Thursday afternoon had the details and what was required then an hour later it was cancelled , I was so broken about that for a couple of days and just started to settle and now I am covid positive.  When the test showed positive I just shut down don't really feel anything.  I'm lost at the moment wondering what's next..  thank you all for being here, for your time and thoughts!!


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    Oh @terayzah, you are going through a bad patch with one thing after the other.  Hoping you get over COVID with few issues and they get you back onto the list so things can be sorted quickly for you.
    I guess you just have to think that all this is sent to try you but you are a strong woman and will get through.
    Thinking of you.   💖
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    So sorry this is all happening to you @terayzah - what rotten luck. :( 

    Rest up, keep up your fluids .... and you'll be re-scheduled for surgery sometime soon xx

    take care & all the best xx
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    Oh dear that’s a real bummer!
    Hope you get well soon and they can re schedule the surgery quickly - sending you 
    virtual hugs🌺
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    Oh @terayzah i can feel your disappointment sending you big 🤗 virtually  
    i hope you get the health support that i have had with the covid. 
    I didn’t take them up on the anti viral medication 
    I’m day 3 into covid+ and on a daily phone call etc. from the nurse team i have to report my temperature and oxygen and heart rate to them. Every call if they don’t like what they hear they will send an ambulance. So I’m behaving myself. And doing everything I’m told to do.  the medication can help if your not getting better 
    drinking lots my release date is next Tuesday as long as i have cleared all the hurdles
    you could look at the positive glad you hadn’t had the surgery then tested positive 
    that really would have been horrific
    How are you coping with the symptoms 
    my turn around day today day 3 and oxygen is coming up better 
    Hope you get your strength back and can get your surgery done soon. Thinking of you over the coming weeks. 
    one day at a time 🧚‍♀️ Heres a good fairy to watch over you 
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    Dear @terayzah,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery from covid. So sorry you are having all this. 💐