Dark Humour is good for your health...

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I joke around when I'm going through hard times, its just the person I am. I have a dark and quirky sense of humour that can leave some people perplexed, but for me, its an important way of coping. Scientific studies have shown the value of humour in hard times and I have given links to a few of them. If you feel like a laugh, have a look at the "A bit naughty - but funny!!! Show us your 'naughty ones'! Please note some posts may offend" page and the 'Friday Funnies' pages?






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    @Sue_w I'm the same.  It's been my twisted sense of humour to get me through my roller coaster journey.
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    Yes me too.
    Those of us who are a certain age may remember Readers Digest ( my parents subscribed to it) had a regular page “ laughter is the best medicine”.
    Luckilycall my medical team seem to have good senses of humour too.
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    Thank you @Sue_w  -  OMG some of those links are SO funny!!  Yep, good time to take up a life of crime, eh??

    Like you, I also have an extremely 'quirky' and sometimes 'off' sense of humour!   55 years ago, I used to sit up late at night (at boarding school) and listen to any of the British Comedy shows that were on the radios back then ..... I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, the Goons and others - and just LOVED the subtle humour (and slapstick) that the Brits are just so good at doing.  Monty Python - I adored & still do ..... totally silly but SO funny!

    When I started the 'a bit naughty' thread, one was removed, as it DID offend people - even tho there was the warning (which was added after the first complaint!)   :#   But basically, anything (so long as it isn't super nasty) can go there!! Add whatever you want!! We all need a laugh!!  Hmmmm ... maybe it is time that I should try the one that was removed a few years back ...... ??  I've still got it & it related to my school upbringing ..... I went to a Nun Run Boarding School .....

    We definitely need to laugh, at best, to just get our mind OFF what we are all going thru ..... keep the mind busy and hopefully back to the path of 'normal' again ..... and a deep "OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY" is good for the soul too!!

    take care, whack up as much whacky stuff as you like, cos I love it! xx
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    Here you go ..... Tho sometimes I think euthanasia could almost be good too .... aaagghhh