Men’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day 20th Oct 2021

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Hi all,

Today BCNA is shining
a light on men living with breast cancer in Australia to help raise awareness. It
is often surprising for many to learn that men develop breast cancer and while
it is rare (less than 1% of all cancers in men), there is still projected to be
approximately 150 men who will be affected by breast cancer this year - CLICK
to read BCNA’s latest The Beacon article ‘Raising awareness of the
experiences of men with breast cancer’.

You can also head to
the BCNA Facebook page to hear some of our members share their stories:

If you are a man
diagnosed with breast cancer or know someone who has been affected, please
check out BCNA’s resources:

BCNA's Men get breast cancer too booklet

Here on the Online Network we have a private group where you can connect with other men who have breast cancer

Thankyou to those members who have shared their story.