Newly diagnosed (Recurrence after DCIS)

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Have they told you what type of cancer it is this time or still the same?

    Types of breast cancer (

    Best wishes

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    Hello everyone, thankyou for this wonderful site! I have always been a youthful sporty type even still at 65, also a musician, which is so therapeutic right now. From London, moved here 7 years ago. Well it’s been a roller coaster of emotions the past 3 weeks. I discovered my lump 3 weeks ago, and since then have had scans, biopsy, and recently a CT, which I was informed yesterday, all clear, which really picked me and my partner up! The biopsy showed stage 2 invasive , 2cm. So, in two days I’m meeting my surgeon for the first time to discuss options. I have to say the speed which my gp and follow ups from different departments has been amazing. Hope the lump has been caught early enough 🙏 Enjoying reading your posts, which have been really helpful and comforting . Hugs to all.
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    Yes, I was 65 when diagnosed too & relatively thin & fit .... now 68 (going on 88!) :(

    Terrific it is all moving fast for you @BeauJ - mine started in Oct/Nov & was dragged out over Xmas & New Year & the surgeons were all still on holidays til Mid Jan ..... so the waiting was HORRIBLE!   All the best for your surgeon's appt xx. 

    Don't forget those IPTASS forms!  ;)  (Hmmmm ... Tho you may have to be 100k from them, or be travelling 100k in a week, to qualify.  Just ring them and ask!) xx
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    Thank you @iserbrown. They haven't actually said that. I'm going back on Thursday to sign forms, get a surgery date etc. I'll make sure I ask.
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    Hi BeauJ
    That’s a bummer about the recurrence but that’s the thing about statistics that my GP ( female) said to me when I was weighing up whether to get rid of my right breast which had no signs of cancer after my left breast required a mastectomy.
    ” A 10 percent chance ( of getting cancer in the other breast) might as well be 100 percent if it happens to you”.
    I am so relieved to have “ gone the double” although it is of course an intensely personal decision.
    I am almost 65 (63) but of course as you know “ 60 is the new 50” so it’s not that old at all…
    I wish you all the best with your surgery and treatment , there is a lot of info on this website including earlier threads on all sorts of topics on this forum and no question ( or vent) is ever too silly or trivial.🌸
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    Hi @Julez1958,
    Did you go flat and if so,how is it working out for you? I’m sick of being lopsided for the last 11yrs.
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    Hi I had the DIEP flap surgery 6 weeks ago both breasts.
    I was a D cup most of my life and then when I put on weight became an E cup so thought going flat  would be too big a shock ( one of my girlfriends said “ you would probably topple over without that ballast”).
    I am now a C cup which I am really enjoying as I can buy clothes off the rack really easily ( including swimming costumes).
    But it’s a really personal ( and often tough) decision for anyone to make.
    The DIEP is a big surgery ( mine was 9 hours) and the recovery is tough ( I am only just back to driving after 6 weeks  and tummy is still “ tight”) .
    I know lots of women are happy with being flat as well as having implants.
    Not sure if that helps .