Life after breast cancer

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I went through treatment 2016 2017
And still struggle with the will it come back anyone else 


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    Hi @lorena

    Your thought process at present isn't unusual.  Hopefully these links may help you find some coping mechanisms and introduce you to the BCNA website, if you haven't already been there

    Life after breast cancer Easy English fact sheet | Accessible resources - Breast Cancer Network Australia (


    Breast Cancer Network Australia (

    Take care
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    It’s a natural reaction. Most of us have it, for a while or from time to time. As that recurrence anxiety does no good at all, it’s better to let it go whenever you can. Have your checkups, don’t fret over unexplained pings and pangs (they’re common and no-one will think you are silly to get them checked out), eat as well as you can, ditto exercise. And get on with life. One thing cancer teaches us all is that we haven’t time to waste. Think forwards rather than back. If the anxiety persists, a counsellor may be helpful in dealing with it, many have found even a few sessions help a lot. Best wishes.
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    Hi @lorena,
    there wouldn’t be anyone who has had breast cancer treatment who doesn’t somewhere , sometime , have a little voice inside them saying “ will it come back”?
    Everyone will be different as to how they deal by with this and for some professional counselling may assist.
    My GP did refer me to a physchologist  ( who had a specialty in cancer patients) for a couple of sessions after my diagnosis and I found it very helpful . One of the topics we discussed was fear of recurrence.
    There will also be certain “ trigger points” such as the annual scans ( the term “ scanxiety” is so apt!).
    For my part , I decided to get as fit and healthy as I could be, enjoy life as much as I can , follow my Doctors recommendations, and try and focus on all the positives.
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    Thanks ladies took me awhile to join here but glad I did
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    Great words of advice from @Afraser@Julez1958 and @iserbrown
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    Dear @lorena,
    I didn't have anything better than what @Fraser said, "Have your checkups, don’t fret over unexplained pings and pangs (they’re common and no-one will think you are silly to get them checked out), eat as well as you can, ditto exercise. And get on with life. One thing cancer teaches us all is that we haven’t time to waste." After treatment in 2017 I got the willies in 2020 when I had an unexplained cough, and backache. Had the works with scans - all good, but I'm so glad I did.

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    Hi @lorena - welcome to the blog - ask away any questions - nothing is off limits.  The girls have given you heaps of good advice!  My personal theory is that if you have aches or pains that persist for some time (a month of more) - if in doubt, get checked out! 

    Tell us a bit more about yourself .... what state you are in, your diagnosis & treatment (if you are happy to let us know) ... have you read Liz O'riordan's blog (a UK Breast Surgeon who had BC twice) - WELL worth a read ... it was only after her own surgery, treatment & side effects that she realised the full depths of it all ....

    Take time out to check out the different sections on the Forum - we even manage to have some laughs as well .... or show off our Furkids, gardens, art & craft ...... 

    Try & keep your sense of humour 'up there' - we have a really good 'funnies page' (called Friday Funnies, but we add them every day!!)  Just click on the link to add pics and posts ...
    If you are into arts & crafts, we have a 'Creative Corner'
     and if into your garden, a Gardening post as well!!

    If you have 'fur kids' - put their pic here & describe their funny antics ...

    Take care, it's great that you've found us xx
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    @lorena, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way...  I don’t think the worry ever goes away, but we learn to quash the fear by living each day as best we can. 

    I’m 5years out and I must say, I freak out every time I get a new pain ....but I’ve also had a lot of ‘extras’ thanks to my cancer, my medical team are excellent and very supportive and very thorough. They tell me that I’m not to worry if it seems silly to see them with a new pain. Thankfully most have led to nothing other than scar tissue or a symptom of one of my other illnesses. Our drs understand we cannot be complacent when it comes to our health now.

    My experience has shown me To ask for help if I need it, and I have used the psych resources given to me many times throughout my experience. I use meditation and mindfulness to keep a clear head.... 

    Survivorship is tough! And strangely, it can feel very lonely!
    I sometimes feel I don’t fit in anymore in the ‘real’ world and I feel will always be looking over my shoulder, but I choose to live my life to it’s fullest, even if the thought of recurrence creeps in. 

    Wishing you beautiful and easy days 
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    I saw an advert for A Current Affair for tomorrow night (Monday) - they are interviewing a lady about her experience of Life after Cancer .... it could be worth watching xx
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    That's the author Liane Moriarty promoting her new book