Why not join the Living with metastatic private group? Access group via the link here.

Managing metastatic cancer pain.

Counterpart is running a session on the above topic on Tuesday August 17 at 11am. The presenter will be Assoc. Prof. Brian Le, specialist in medical oncology and palliative medicine at Peter Mac and RMH.
Further details and registration on the Counterpart website.


  • arpie
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    Thanks for that @Pamelamary

    Here's the link - other good stuff there, too, as well for all breast cancer sufferers 

  • wendy55
    wendy55 Member Posts: 774
    Hi @Pamelamary and @arpie, yes I have seen that also the time is a bit more user friendly as well, now that I have stopped my chemo tablets am experincing severe bone and joint pain, am experimenting at the moment on how to deal with it, I believe its the faslodex injections{hormone blocking} that are responsible. 
  • arpie
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    I am So sorry to hear that, @wendy55 - I hope you can get relief soon.   Have you considered accessing Medicinal Cannabis Oil? xx