Hormone Therapy options for young women who hope to have children

Skbr Member Posts: 31
Hi everyone 😊  I’m seeking some advice on what hormone therapy is best for younger women who want kids in the future. 

I have Grade 1 multifocal IDC+DCIS, 80% hormone positive, ER- cancer & I’m premenopausal, with no children. I was told after 2 years of hormone therapy I can try to fall pregnant (…but am hoping 1.5 will be enough?) 

I have been given three options for hormone therapy:

•Tamoxifen only
•Zoladex + Tamoxifen 
•Zoladex + Exemestane (Aromasin)

All offer similar coverage in regards to my type of cancer, but I was wondering if there are any differences in regards to future fertility? 

ie. longer detox periods required before falling pregnant, or potential fertility issues after long term use, eg Zoladex or Exemestane? 

I have also read that Exemestane (Aromasin) is an *irreversible* steroidal aromatase inhibitor. I don’t want to be on anything that could irreversibly damage my oestrogen production.. Fertility-wise, does anyone know if this is something to avoid until after having children?

I’d really appreciate any advice & tips for having the best chance of getting pregnant in 2 years! X