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COVID 19 jab

Glynnis Member Posts: 353
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Hi everyone just wondering what everyone is doing about get the COVID 19 jab? I’m booked in for my first dose but having second thoughts with the blood clotting that’s happening, I am over 60 so I’m ok to get it but unsure.


  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,255
    I had mine two weeks ago - I am over 60 too. Very little in the way of side effects - I did feel tired and a bit achey the next day but almost normal the day after. We have had only two cases of clotting in over 700,000 vaccinations, both people in their 40s (and no info on any other factors). Given the delays with Pfizer and Novovax still to get final approval, it seems sensible for older people to get the AstraZeneca and leave the Pfizer shots for younger people in the 1a category. 
  • jennyss
    jennyss Member Posts: 1,897
    Dear @Glynnis,  I have had my flu vaccine, and am now waiting for my GP practice to get the AstraZeneca vaccine in. I believe I am eligible for a category 1B shot because of my BC history. Government communication about the Covid 19 vaccines has been very bad I think. I agree with @Afraser's comments about the risks. Best wishes from jennyss
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 353
    @Afraser and @jennyss Thankyou ladies great to you’ve had yours @Afraser with little to no side effects @jennyss haven’t had flu jab yet spoke to my oncologist he said get first COVID-19 jab then 6 weeks later get flu jab then 6 weeks later get second COVID-19 jab so have book 1st jab for 27/4 will see how we go
  • noosa_blue150
    noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
    I’m 62, I had my first AZ 3 weeks ago. Felt far better afterwards , than usual,reaction post normal,flu shot to,be honest ( that does differ from person to person of course )
    I figure risk of getting covid far outweigh any blood,clotting risk for me .
    I would,have been straight back to,GP if I noticed any oddities 
  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,255
    My GP is happy to have my flu shot a minimum of two weeks after the first COVID jab, I’ve never had any reactions to flu shots, so I’ve made an appointment for about four weeks and then my second COVID later on. So much protection! 
  • kamada
    kamada Member Posts: 70
    @Afraser same with my doctor. I had my pneumococcal vaccination as it was due then two weeks later the flu vaccination (no side effects as usual) and have COVID-19 one booked for two and a half weeks after that. Just hoping they will have a supply by that time. So good to hear of your lack of side effects @noosa_blue150 🙂. It gives me hope that I can get away with none as well! @Glynnis I agree with the other ladies that the risk in having AZ is so minute that I wouldn’t hesitate to have it to give myself a better chance if I am exposed to this bloody awful virus.  😘
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,168
    I had my covid jab on Tuesday. I had AZ. I was really tired a few hrs post the injection and also the next day. Bit sore at the injection site. I had a medical person say to me that a small reaction is really ok because it shows that your immune system is working. My next shot for covid is in 12 wks. 
  • jintie
    jintie Member Posts: 114
    I’m 43.  Had my COVID jab on the 27th March (had the AZ).  Very little side effects.  
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 353
    Thanks everyone for your replies, im so happy that you all did not get any reactions except for normal stuff, as I only have about 1% immunity I’m a little worried about getting it done so at this stage I have cancelled my appointment and will remake it for May, then maybe a little bit more info might be around as well re the clotting factor. 
  • sooziqu
    sooziqu Member Posts: 37
    As of 23rd April we had 6 cases of blood clots due to the AZ vaccine, the newest case in a person over 50. We also had one police officer with blood clots from the Pfizer vaccine.  My concern is not because of BC but rather that Tamoxifen already has blood clots as a side effect, so the vaccine increases that already present risk. 

    I'm seeing my GP next Thursday and I need a letter from her to get the Pfizer vaccine. I'm going to see what he thoughts are on the risk. I don't think they can be taken lightly. 
  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    I agree @sooziqu. I think blood clots are quite scary and dangerous. I refused to take the pill and also Tamoxifen cos of that. And I wore my compression socks religiously post surgery to avoid blood clots. I’ve had an u/s a couple times after flying to Europe and back cos I had calf pain and was so scared. So I wouldn’t say that’s something to just be ok with. 
    During my treatment last year, none of my specialists wore masks (they didn’t feel it necessary and I trust them). I also didn’t, especially for radiation, and thankfully I’ve been fine. There’s nowhere near enough research done on this vaccine. We don’t like having chemo, which has been around for years, due to its terrible side effects. Same with hormone suppressing drugs etc.  So I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have the same concerns about a vaccine with almost no research done on side effects. 
    In regard to the virus itself, I haven’t seen ppl dropping dead on the streets like Louie flies, thank the Lord 🙏🏻. And media tends to over exaggerate facts, this is well known, as history has taught us. So my belief is that covid is another strain of flu that is best dealt with with a strong immune system. Putting foreign and poorly researched matter in my body doesn’t help my immune system, so I’d rather avoid it. I’d rather stack up on magnesium, vitamin D and C, calcium and zinc. That’ my best bet. 
    This is just me and my opinion on the vaccine.  I’m not negating others’ opinions on it. People are free to do what they want ♥️
  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,781
    I am booked in for the AZ next week and my husband is over 70 so will get the Pfizer.  A friend who is in her 50s had the AZ last week and said she had a heavy head (like a cold) the next day but is fine.  All overseas friends have had the AZ with no side-effects at all.
    As 'they' say the blood clotting issue is different to the 'normal' blood clots people can suffer we just have to trust them to a degree, I guess.  I am thinking that we are not privy to any other medical conditions of the poor people who have the blood clots but if we are sensible and report issues quickly we should be able to get over any clots as other 'statistics' have done.  Us BC ladies are possibly more aware of our bodies and not hesitant to ask for help !
    My GP seems to think it is very important to have the vaccination and we had a 4 weeks gap between that and the usual flu vaccination.
    Me ?  I guess I will be brave and go ahead - with my Will in place 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • BlackWidow
    BlackWidow Member Posts: 266
    Ditto comments from @June52 above.  I had the AZ as I do not qualify for the Pfizer.  Had a headache but remain attentive to myself and no other issues so far.  If there is a COVID breakout and it moves swiftly like it did in Melbourne last year then I'd rather know I have some protection. It is a hard decision but the odds of getting the virus could quickly be far greater than that of getting the clots.  We've all had to make hard decisions with our BC and had to trust our medicos so what is different ?  Sometimes we went along quite blindly hoping for the best.  I am a sook, I'd rather be a little ill than have to be ventilated.  Good luck with your decision and the future.  May we all stay well.
  • sooziqu
    sooziqu Member Posts: 37
    @FLClover, I take everything you take too. I'm also not sure I'm like the Tamoxifen either, and that is my third drug. I am still