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Everolimus and Exemestane combo

Lefty66 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2021 in Metastatic breast cancer
De novo 4 years ago.
Been on Ribociclib and Anastrozle past 2 years . Progression so oncologist has suggested Everolimus and Exemestane.
Any feedback would be great thanks.
Side effects manageable?


  • Kattykit
    Kattykit Member Posts: 252
    It's a great combination, just be mindful of your mouthcare, I found that swallowing the everolimus in a spoonful of custard so it didn't touch the inside of my mouth worked really well to prevent mouth sores. Report any shortness of breath to your oncologist straight away as pneumonitis can be a side effect, after being on capecitabine for over a year, I was pleasantly surprised as to ow much energy I had.
  • wendy55
    wendy55 Member Posts: 774
    Hi @Lefty66, and also to @Kattykit, I am also denovo nearly 8 years now, I was on this combo for about a year, as we are all different my side effects were a little bit harder, I did have mouth ulcers, I used a preparation from the Childrens hospital for babies which worked well on my mouth ulcers, that was really the worst side effect other than that I was okay, and like kattykit I was also on capecitibine for almost 3 years, now on abemaciclib and faslodex combo, in fact I am off to the chemo suite later today for the injections, I have been on this for nearly 15 months,whole of body bone scans and ct next month, so good luck with new combo lefty66, let us know how you go, I still went on holidays with my partner whilst on these drugs,

  • Lefty66
    Lefty66 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks ladies for the feedback.
    Much appreciated 💜
     @wendy55 and @Kattykit