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CtrelanyCtrelany Member Posts: 25
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Hello to the club I never wanted to join!  :).. Recently diagnosed with DCIS over a large area so a mastectomy is necessary (skin and nipple saving). I am contemplating a DIEP procedure and would love to hear of anyone particularly on the sunshine coast qld who has undergone this surgery in the past few years (as the Surgeon may be the one I have been referred to) . If I have this they will not remove the muscle of the abdomen but just skin and fat. I am a horse rider and concerned about the time for recovery. My plastic surgeon advised I can ride again 6 weeks out from surgery and I am keen to hear from people who have had this procedure what their journey was like and how quickly they returned to `normal' active lifestyle choices. 


  • FLCloverFLClover Sydney Member Posts: 953
    Hello @Ctrelany 🙂
    I haven’t had a DIEP so I can’t say. A few ladies on this site have so I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. A couple ladies are also horse riders, although I’m not sure they’ve had a DIEP. 
    I just wanted to say good luck, and hopefully you’ll find your answers 🍀♥️
  • CtrelanyCtrelany Member Posts: 25
    Thank you FLClover!
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