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Anxiety-surgery next week

oreochiuoreochiu Member Posts: 2
Dear all,

Just needing some support after reading a lot of stories on here. 

I was diagnosed with BC back in June 2020- triple negative breast cancer with 3 lymph nodes involvement. I started chemo very shortly after with the AC/Taxol-Carbo combination and the keytruda immunotherapy every 3 weeks and is still going. I am 37 yo and also have the BRCA2 gene. I finisjed chemo on the 3rd of December and since then my anxiety has really increased. On the last day of my chemo i also had a scan and while at the scan the technician told me the size of the tumour and it appeared to have increased in size since my mid chemo scan which frightened me. After the scan the technician told me that the dr has said chemo has worked. 

I called my surgeon after who then said to me the scans are good and i shouldnt worry about it and she also said that the scans are as good as it can be post chemo. Even though she said that it hasnt seemed to have managed my anxiety. I feel my lump bigger compared to middle of chemo and the last two days i feel like i can feel the lymph node lumps in my armpits which i didnt feel since mid way into chemo which has been freaking me out. 

Throughout my chemo my surgeon and oncologist has indicated im doing well the mid way us have indicated the tumour is shrinking but my final scan seemed to have indicated an increase since the midway scan and i had reassurances from my surgeon and that hasnt made me feel  better. Now im freaking out and need some feedback on how everyone have done and experiences with neoadjunct chemo as im hoping for the best outcome at surgery. 

Sorry long message. Thank you. 


  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 323
    @oreochiu, can you get hold of the Breast Care Nurse attached to your hospital? They may be able to do a bit of investigating and reassurance for you. Thinking of you. Lx
  • oreochiuoreochiu Member Posts: 2
    Thank you everyone for responding. I appreciate the feedback and advice.

    As an update: I had my surgery and also biopsy outcome. I didnt get a complete response and still had some residual cancer left in my tumour and 3 of my nodes. The surgeon said while it wasn't the response they hoped for it wasnt the worse. I was told that i would most likely be given an oral chemo drug to ensure that any other microscopic traces of the cancer are being targeted.

    I am scared and sad as i was joping for a complete response but at the same time hoping for the best into the future. I still have radio to do too.

    I would love to hear some positive tnbc stories.

    Thank you.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 5,592
    Well done on getting thru your surgery.  As I understand it, TNBC is a strange beast and may require ongoing treatment/chemo.

    Try not to overthink it ... put any questions you many have to your Onc and/or Breast Care Nurse (or the BCNA Nurse) .... they should be able to allay your fears xx

    take care, rest up and heal from your surgery.  I hope you have good support at home xx
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 5,592
    How are you travelling @oreochiu?  I hope you have recovered well from the surgery and able to get out & about, doing the things you love doing.

    take care xx
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