Tamoxifen leg cramps

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I have come full circle in what suits in relation to hormone therapy and have been back on Tamoxifen since April. 
Overall it is the best outcome however I still have bone pain and now I suffer leg cramps.
Reading about leg cramps and tamoxifen it is suggested drink plenty of water, eat potassium rich foods
Leg Cramps (breastcancer.org)

Anyone else find this a little debilitating and have you found anything that helps?

Today, like most mornings, I know I have had a bad night as the leg is still sore

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  • Keeping_positive1
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    I have found that magnesium helps with leg cramps.  
  • Blossom1961
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    I do not take hormone suppressants however have leg cramps from PN. Sometimes they were so bad I would pace the floor for hours as staying in one spot was excruciating. I wasn't allowed ibuprofen but some nights I took it anyway as the pain was beyond description. It helped HEAPS. According to the research, ibuprofen has no counter/interaction with Tamoxifen. Worth a try when it gets unbearable. Ibuprofen has never helped with any other pain I have had and I never take it for any other purpose. Hopefully you find something that works for YOU. Vitamin B may also reduce the pain.
  • Deanne
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    I can sympathize @iserbrown. I have recently started having extremely painful calf cramps in my right leg. I have been back on tamoxifen for almost 2 years so am not sure it is related for me. I already take magnesium and eat potassium rich foods. The only major change I have had in recent times is an increase in stress and an injury that prevents me from walking for exercise. I have just started acupuncture for the injury and the acupuncturist asked me, as she was treating me, if I suffer from calf cramps. I will ask her next visit what she thinks is causing the cramps. I am hopeful the treatment she is giving me might settle them down. My calf is constantly sore from them at the moment. I am also getting cramps in my foot/toes on the same leg when I try to stretch on that side. 
  • iserbrown
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    On my first round, way back, of Tamoxifen I suffered the odd leg cramp and asked GP if I should consider taking magnesium.  Answer no benefit 
    This time around the frequency and intensity is greater and the aftermath reminds me. I hobble like an old bird!
  • Cath62
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    Hi @iserbrown,

    Can't believe some GPs and their ignorance. Magnesium is excellent for muscle cramps and i was advised this by my GP and also my oncology nurses. The other thing that is good is a small amount of tonic water. It has low levels of quinine which also helps with cramps. I am on tamoxifen and take Magnesium every night.  I hope you get some relief soon.  Have a happy Christmas.
  • iserbrown
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    Thanks @Cath62
    I know his comment was specific to me as my bloods are consistent, very little variation. Routine in our everyday living! Lots of legumes etc
    Others previously have mentioned magnesium as a supplement