Anyone here having trouble with Arm Compression Sleeves

PamelaP Member Posts: 23
Can anyone help with suggestions to keep my arm sleeve from slipping. The grip tops seem to never be tight enough so my sleeve is always sliding down causing creases & sore spots around the elbow.  My therapist has given me 4 to try in the last 4 months & nothing fits me !!   Mediven Esprit standard CCL2 is the sleeve I have just purchases. 


  • Afraser
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    Nothing worse than a slidy sleeve - except a too tight one! I had a few tries before I got the right one - a locally made all in one was disastrous. I now have mine made to measure - it may be more expensive but it’s more effective. It also means I can get slight (really slight but useful) changes when I get a new one. I have been using Jobst for a long time - my arm is very stable (no discomfort, very little swelling) even when I didn’t get to my therapist for over 3 months (iso after being overseas then first lockdown). Got a new one recently - arrived in three weeks (from Germany) which seemed pretty good given the state of things! Best wishes and good luck with the new one! 
  • Jane221
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    Hi @PamelaP, it can take a while to get a good fit with the sleeve and like @Afraser, I've had to get a made to measure one which is now (finally) working quite well. I'm also using a Jobst, the Elvarex CCL2 and haven't had any issues with the grip tops. I also had an elbow insert put in to help alleviate any redness / sore areas. Hope you can find the right one for you soon, it's such a frustrating thing to try and get right. Best wishes, Jane 
  • PamelaP
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    Hi @Afraser and @Jane221 thanks for your comments and advice on compression sleeves.  I will ask my therapist about ordering a made to measure Jobst sleeve this time around.