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Friday update 7 August 2020

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Friday update.  A very warm welcome to all of our new members who have joined our community over the last few weeks.  I hope you are finding your way around and settling in.

With the Covid 19 situation worsening in some states around Australia it is hard not to feel unsettled, worried or anxious.  BCNA encourage you to look after yourself, stay connected with family, friends and your medical team.  If you are worried about any part of your treatment or care, please speak with one of your health care team. You can also call our helpline to speak with one of our cancer nurses for information and support.

I recently attended a professional debriefing session for nurses and was reminded that it’s OK to be feeling stressed, worried and anxious at this time.  That it’s a time of great change and uncertainty.  That we need to be able to stop, take a breath and regroup if feeling overwhelmed.  That it’s helpful to share how you are feeling with others and that showing vulnerably is not a sign of weakness, but instead what connects us all to each other.  If you feel like you need some extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out or start a conversation online and connect with others.  I recently re posted this article which you may find helpful

that discomfort you are feeling…

Community news

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Community updates


Look Good Feel Better Virtual Workshops

Free, virtual, interactive Look Good Feel Better Workshop, helping you face cancer with confidence.  Look Good Feel Better are celebrating 30 years since there first workshop!  They have dates set for the August and September virtual workshops.  

Once registered, you will be sent a link for accessing the Virtual Workshop, to register click here

Cancer Council Queensland

WEBINAR - Coping with the fear of cancer recurrence Tuesday 18 August 2020 2 pm – 3 pm

Free webinar for women affected by cancer, their families and friends.

Feeling anxious about cancer recurrence is a common challenge and a significant concern for cancer survivors. This information session will provide women and their families with helpful strategies to cope with fear of recurrence and reduce its impact on quality of life.

The session will be presented by Professor Jane Turner who has more than 20 years’ experience supporting people with cancer and their families.  RSVP by 16 August 2020 click here  



Emotional load of living with metastatic breast cancer

This is a Making Connections session for women with advanced cancer.

If you are living with metastatic cancer that requires ongoing treatment and monitoring, you are also managing a complex range of concerns and stresses.  

Presented by Dani Bullen, Clinical Psychologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.  Dani has a particular interest in working with women to manage the emotional and existential issues associated with their cancer diagnosis.

Click here to view this session

SA compression garment scheme

Great news! The launch of the South Australian Compression Garment Scheme.

This announcement by the Morrison Government and South Australian Marshall Government will mean that South Australians will have access to a Lymphoedema Compression Garment Scheme.  This is something that BCNA along with the Lymphoedema Support Group SA, the Australian Lymphology Association and many others have been lobbying for.  Well done to all!


Reflective quote

'Do not let the behaviour of others destroy our inner peace'.

-   Dalai Lama


What a great picture, snow on Mt Wellington in Hobart 3 days ago!

Have a great weekend everyone, take care and stay warm!

The mod team

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