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Post chemo hair ....everywhere!!

ddonddon Member Posts: 244
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So my hair is growing back with a vengeance, but not just on my head. My face is unbelievably hairy - thankfully white so not too obvious, but it’s on my cheeks, chin even my nose has little fine white hairs. So, if others have experienced thus, what did you use to get rid of it?


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,035
    I didn’t have very much facial hairs , although the usual suspects returned with a vengeance, but it’s apparently quite common. It’ll probably diminish naturally but others may have better ideas about how to deal with it in the interim. We need the Goldilocks solution, not too little and not too much. Best wishes. 
  • JennyD78JennyD78 NewcastleMember Posts: 59
    I got that white downy hair regrowth on my face, and continue to 2 years later.  I get my beautician to wax my cheeks/side of face and chin.  
  • Karenp23Karenp23 Member Posts: 20
    @Ddon this has happened to me also 😒 I'm not normally a hairy person but my face, ears, for head have white downy hair. My  eyebrows grew out of control and now I'm losing some on the ends so I have half brows ATM really weird!
  • ddonddon Member Posts: 244
    Ahh I feel better that I am not alone!  I guess a wax job could be coming. So far my eyebrows aren’t too crazy but as for my cheeks etc - it’s a little confronting. 
  • Shellshocked2018_Shellshocked2018_ Fleurieu Peninsula , SAMember Posts: 271
    Yes this happened to me recently after my hair started growing back. It’s so fluffy and white.
    It was growing quicker on my face in places I didn’t want it than anywhere else lol...
    Quickly got out the Nair face cream.
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 53
    Try the Braun Epilator. It is great for facial hair.
  • ddonddon Member Posts: 244
    Have any of you ladies found that it comes back spiky or darker after waxing or creams, epilator etc? My leg hair did that after waxing and I’m abit scared what might happen on my face. 
  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 164

    See @Flaneuse "Nobody told me I'd look like Teen Wolf" thread.

    I'm a big lazer hair removal fan. Best for dark hair/fair skin combo. I believe IPL can zap fine fair hair if lazer hair removal can't. Worth trying as little to no ongoing cost or maintenance (despite initial outlay being a bit pricey). Then there's Dermaplaning. I've not tried it. Might be the solution?
  • ddonddon Member Posts: 244
    Ha ha. Teen wolf exactly. Who does the laser hair removal ?
  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 164
    Lazer Clinics Australia where I live, but there are many different providers around. Check the online reviews for your area.
  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 74
    Yes I also have a hairy white face happening.  Not happy JAN!
  • ddonddon Member Posts: 244
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