Any tips on removing fiximol post surgery 😖

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Hi, I’m a 56 yr old mum of 2 boys and I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer on the 18th June on a routine mammogram.i had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on the 13th July and see the surgeon this Thursday for my results and the next stage of my journey. I think because I lost my Mum suddenly on the 26th March ( In Ireland and I haven’t been able to go home to my dad and family because of covoid) , this pales in significance . I am glad my surgery is over and haven’t told my family at home in Ireland as they have enough to deal with especially my Dad. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and friends. 
I do have one question - any hints on how to get the fiximol off ? Thanks for listening and sharing my journey.


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    Dear @Mummy0297
    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your loss of your Mum and that you haven't been able to visit your Dad during covid. 
    I haven't any tips on how to get the fiximol off but I had a lot of trouble removing the sticky tape that they used on my port scar - I tried alcohol wipes etc but the pharmacist suggested oil - I think he said any sort of oil would work but I used Moogoo cleansing oil that I already had - and this helped.
    Best wishes for Thursday.  <3

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    I have used nail polish remover pads for removing stubborn bandaging adhesive - just not near any recent wound, of course. I’m glad you have support at such a difficult time and such a distance, it’s particularly hard. Best wishes. 
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    @Mummy0297 hi there so sorry for the loss of your mum. thats heartbreaking for you especially being so far away.. pop into your GP they will have proper adhesive remover wipes that will work a treat to remove that. hope this helps. all the best with the next stage of your BC. big hugs. margie xxx 
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    You can buy "Remove" wipes from the chemist that are designed to gently remove adhesives.  I've found them a god send as I usually get super angry skin when I remove bandaids, surgical dressings etc.  I paid a dollar a wipe but you'd only need 1 per dressing so I think they're well worth it :)
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    Thank you thank you x