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Friday Update 17 July 2020

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Friday update.  A very warm welcome to all of our new members who have joined the community in the last few weeks.  Don’t forget to have a look at the Community Info tab for further information.  Here are some very popular discussion threads that you may like to visit while online.

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Community news

1. Cost of private radiotherapy Thread commenced by @Louise64 who would like to find out the cost of radiotherapy treatment in a private radiotherapy centre.  Hope all is going well and all the best with your upcoming treatment.

2. Triple Neg..Good News Thread commenced by @2MC, congratulations so great to hear you had a complete pathological response to your chemotherapy!  Look after yourself and all the best with your chemotherapy.

3. Friday Funnies This I can relate to this especially 'I wonder why I came into this room'!

Community updates

Covid Update

BCNA is continuing to work with governments and the cancer community to provide up-to-date, tailored information and support regarding the COVID-19 pandemic via our My Journey online tool.  To read our latest Covid update click here.

Breast Cancer Care WA Programs Update

Breast Cancer Care WA offers a range of support groups for women living with breast cancer. They are a safe environment to share confidential conversations with other women navigating their way through breast cancer. All groups meet monthly and are facilitated in the community by a counsellor.  They have the following group programs available.

  • Early breast cancer groups
  • Young women’s early breast cancer group
  • Metastatic support groups
  • Young women’s metastatic support group
  • Partners support group

To register or for more information, call or email the Support Services Coordinator

E: [email protected] | P: (08) 9324 3703

Cancer Council Queensland Mindfulness Program

Living Mindfully 8 week program via teleconference

This 8-week group program is for people who would like to learn new skills for managing difficult cancer related emotions. This intensive program integrates cognitive-behavioural therapy with an eastern meditation approach to increase awareness and acceptance of difficult thoughts and feelings.

Program dates: 21 August - 9 October 2020

Program time: 11 am – 1 pm

Venue: via telephone

Region: State-wide QLD

For more information and to register click here


Fundraising Update


BCNA’s Pink Link fundraisers are the greatest

We recently launched our Pink Link newsletter that celebrates the thousands of Australians who support BCNA and our network through fundraising. From a 400 km bike ride across South Australia to the most unusual home hair colour you’ve ever seen, all these heroes have one thing in common - they want to make a difference for women and men affected by breast cancer.  And with 85% of BCNA’s income coming from fundraising, our services depend on it.  Have a read and be inspired.       

Reflective quote

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

― Dalai Lama


Take care everyone and stay safe

The mod team

Giovanna, Riki, Laura, Michelle & Pat



  • Louise64Louise64 Brisbane Member Posts: 112
    Thank you to everyone for their kindness and assistance since my diagnosis. I’m 12 days post/op and see my radiology oncologist Thursday. The fact sheets and friendly advice have armed with me with information and individual experiences to move forward into radiotherapy and hormone therapy. 
    Sending best wishes to everyone supporting me. 💗💗💗💗
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