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Been told it would be a good idea to get one, ie for lymph node removed and port, would be interested in wether this is a good idea or not. If so what to have written on bracelets 


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    I know many people find them useful but if you are happy with being your own advocate (ie ‘no, you can’t use that arm!’) it may not be necessary. I hate wearing name tags 😊 so I’ve never been a good candidate for tags or ID bracelets! In most cases, not using an arm for injections etc because of lymph node loss is sensible rather than critical - the arm could be used in an emergency for example, probably without any lasting harm. But best to do what makes you most comfortable.

    One is deeply tempted to write something short and rude if you do get a bracelet, but maybe not! 

    Best wishes. 
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    Hi @Patchworkmum I got one a while back that I've never ended up wearing.  I have infusions and blood tests every month and just ask them to use the side that I didn't have nodes removed from.  The only time I won't be able to do that is in an emergency and in that situation, I'll risk some lymphedema for life saving treatment.

    If you are still interested, there are companies out there making them.  A quick google will find someone easily enough.  Mine is pink and says "ALERT.  Axillary lymph nodes this arm.  No blood pressure or needles".  It's made by Mediband and I think it cost me about $10.

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    If I  had to wear a tag stating all my problems, such as use only right the way I have a port on my upper left side chest, am on warfarin, on oral chemo (Methotrexate Blah Blah would be the size of a dustbin lid. For me, I reckon if I'm so out of it that I can't speak for myself to tell them which arm, that would be the least of my problems. I also think that if I'm that critical, the medical people won't be rifling through any bracelets or pendants looking for medical info. They would be looking for I.D. info in your wallet or purse, and that is where I have a laminated card stating briefly my condition.
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    Some chemists stock a small range of bands, all different ones, but cannot stock all.  I couldn't  find ALERT, Axillary Lymph Nodes, THIS ARM.No Blood Pressure, No Needles, so I bought mine online through the company, it is a pink band.  The company is Mediband, and the link is below for you.  I hope you find this information helpful for you.  I wear mine to my appointments, as I