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BCNA Walking Challenge

BlackWidowBlackWidow Lake GardensMember Posts: 213
I have just come across this Group on the website.
Is this still active ?  Where is it located ?
As an arthritis sufferer I try to do 6,000 steps per day but this cold weather is not helping, though I am trying to keep active.
Isolation means I am staying home more than I should !
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you.


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,418
    I too might be interested - I don’t suffer from arthritis but regular organised daily walking (only started during isolation and lockdown) is actually helping my PN-d feet. I just do circuits of my relatively short street, resulting in my neighbour commenting that he was ‘off to do an Alison’ (ie a walk up and down the street). I’ve got to know my neighbours much better! 
  • June1952June1952 Member Posts: 1,034
    Good on you @Afraser.  I find walking very boring so the street circuit is not for me at all.  My arthritis means I have not been able to walk more than a house block for many years.  Since January I have been using an exercise bike to strengthen the muscles around my knees and can now walk 3 kms in 40 minutes or less.  Ballarat has a big lake (Lake Wendouree) and I have now walked the 6+ kms but in 2 stages (stopping for a cuppa at the 3.6 km mark).  Not sure I will be repeating that too soon as people just refused to social-distance.
    I agree, a small walking group would be helpful as long as they are not too fit.  Company is a good motivator.
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,865
    I got excited when I saw this site, too but I think it was a long time ago.

    Due to some better pain management options, I have started walking 5km again each morning while in isolation.  Back at work now so only manage it a few times a week but it's better than nothing.

  • BlackWidowBlackWidow Lake GardensMember Posts: 213
    Gee, @Sister, 5kms is a lot and I probably could never go near that distance.  3 days a week is excellent.  How long does that take you each time ?  Maybe the old Group are more professional walkers ?  No doubt BCNA will soon let us know how it worked.
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,418
    I am trying for about 4 kms daily, in two stints, which is enough to stretch but not enough to give up on! Be interesting to see how I go if we ever get back to normal. It doesn’t actually take much time (I’m not in paid employment) and if I can keep it up in winter, it will be easier in summer. That’s the plan anyway. 
  • jennyssjennyss Western NSWMember Posts: 1,086

    I love walking too!
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,418
    Each to their own but 5am is a bit early for me - it’s dark! It would have to be a virtual walking group anyway, as we are in different locations. I agree though that walking is a fine opportunity for communing with yourself, in between listening to music - Mahler is good for walking and talking to yourself......
  • OmaRoseOmaRose Member Posts: 3
    I have recently started exercising with an Exercise physiologist. Her focus is rehab and her cheery nature has made initial zoom meetings and one on one gym sessions a real pleasure. My walk days are more enjoyable as I am feeling stronger already from the gym. As she says, we are looking for little improvements. I think we can crank up this group again. It seems that is is defunct, but since it is still here on line, let's resuscitate it😊. My suggestion is to wear two bras when exercising. P. S. This is my first post
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 180
    Hi, I am one chemo session in and have walked each day for 40 mins.  Has felt better to walk even if hard to start it.  I am just going to keep doing what feels right. I have arthritis too and sometimes my feet hurt but after a few mins it's ok. I have always been a walker so it is something part of my life. Sometimes I love to walk with others but I love walking on my own too.....like a walking meditation. 
  • June1952June1952 Member Posts: 1,034
    Welcome @OmaRose - your first post and such a positive one !
    Welcome to this club none of us ever thought we'd want to join.
    I like the "we are looking for little improvements" as that makes it seem worthwhile rather than hoping for huge things and failing.  Good that you have found a great physiologist to work with.
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,865
    @BlackWidow 5km takes me about 50mins, give or take.  
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,625
    Oh dear .... mind over mattress .... I tend to snuggle back under the doona!   :(   I seriously need to get more active - I've whacked on 5kg+ in the last 6 months ...... but I just don't like walking!   :(  Been having some foot issues recently too that I hope will settle soon.

  • Louise64Louise64 Brisbane Member Posts: 101
    I’m always afraid if I walk too far - I’ll have to Uber home 🤣🤣I  like an oval or route that I can get home if fatigued 💗💗💗
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,418
    I’ve created my own walking track up, down and around my street - never too far from home if it threatens to rain, so no excuses! I’m getting friendly with my fellow walkers and their dogs, know my neighbours better and the little boy in the corner house now waves from the window. All good. 
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