upper back and neck pain

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Hi, I had a mastectomy 5 weeks ago folllowed by axial clearance 2 weeks ago.  I have had one lot of chemo.  The last 4 nights I have been unable to sleep because of this ache next to my shoulder blade on the mastectomy side.  The pain extends up my lumbar muscles to my neck.  Panadol gives me 4 hours, as soon as it wears off I have to get up and wait for the new lot to kick in before I lie down.  I thought it would just pass but it isn't and its the straw breaking the camels back today.  Its ok if Im walking about, just cannot lie down.  I do my exercises religiously but my quarter is very "tight".  Any tips?  Was going to see physio today but thought I should tap into this brain too. 



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    Your Physio will best guide you along 
    Do you do any stretches to warm up and cool down?
    Here's a link to the BCNA website that you may find helpful once your Physio identifies the cause of your discomfort

    It was coming up to the beginning of winter when I had my surgery and I found myself at the Physio and she said I was nearly but not quite, with a Frozen Shoulder

    Best wishes with your Physio appointment and ongoing treatment
    Take care
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    My BS told me that the pain was due to the weird position they had me in during surgery for a long time. My osteo helped but it still took quite a while for my torso to recover.
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    Thanks,I will see how I go tonight!  physio hit some very sore spots, I wasn't expecting this tightness across my front.  Cheers PG

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    Sounds like physio will help!  If Panadol doesn’t always give you enough pain relief at this early stage, it might be worth asking your health providers for something a little stronger?

    It’s early days yet But you have had two major operations, and they do put your arm in a very funny position when they do the axillary clearance, it isn’t surprising that your arm shoulder and chest don’t like it very much...

    on the bright side as you got professional input into it all now, I’m sure it will make a big difference in the long run. I did my exercises every day under the shower when possible, and that made sure that I didn’t get distracted later in the day and forget to do them!

    Lots of love Tinks xx
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    Switch to panadol osteo 3 times per day which should give you better pain relief. Hopefully the physio will help.
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    @pg1 Is your physio one who deals with cancer patients?  They really aren't one size fits all.