Who’s heard of Kinetic Physiology to control pain?

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I think we can all relate to ‘Gary’s’ story .... our pain levels not necessarily being 'believed' or told to 'put up with it.'

I have not tried this - but if you have - let us know how you go.

(I am currently not in that much pain, due to my oils!)


  • Katy_Sodapop
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    Hard to "see" pain right. 
    I've not tried it, I've used stretching, massage & acupuncture to help with pain from osteoporosis. 
    I always wish there were more options, especially affordable ones! 
  • arpie
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    From what I see, @Katy_Sodapop -  it is a fairly gentle form of exercise (that needs to be done consistently) but I've not tried it myself ..... so you stretching would be good.

    I've just searched in Youtube for videos - and here are the results - there could be some little gems in amongst these videos!!