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Hi, After a routine screening mammogram with no lumps or bumps prior, I was shocked to find myself in the positions of being newly diagnosed and struggling with the timing of everything. I was originally diagnosed on 20th March with Stage 2   with positive hormone receptor then subsequent biopsy was done on the 1st April. I have 2 lesions one 18mm (invasive Duct) and the other 27mm (invasive duct or lobule- they're not sure) ,  I saw the surgeon pretty quickly as he was free on the 3rd. he has asked for an MRI to be certain and to also check the right breast as I have fairly dense breasts which may have hidden something. They are to sure if it has spread to any lymph nodes- nothing showed on mammogram and  no-one has felt anything. 
I can get the MRI until the 14th April and then follow up appointment with the surgeon on the 20th April....... it feels like such a long time.... is that normal??? the waiting and not knowing anything for sure is really hard!


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    Welcome @Jovdp

    The waiting and endless waiting for results is horrid.  Unfortunately though, it's one of those things that goes with the territory throughout this thing.
    That length of time is not abnormal at all.  I waited for the results of the MRI to be sure of the location and size (I opted for lumpectomy) of the nasty little bugger.  I did not want any surprises at surgery time so that was my choice to wait.
     Stage 2 grade 2 with lymphnodes already know to be involved. My surgeon said it had probably been there for years so another few weeks was not going to make any difference.
     It was pretty much one month to the day between diagnosis and surgery.
    All the best with your results sweet.
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    Hi @Jovdp,
    The waiting is horrible and frustrating. I had long wait times between appointments. The cancer centres have set routines, clinic times, Multidisciplinary Team Meetings only every fortnight... it seems pretty standard.
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    Hang in there - this is an awful time and all of us on here have been in your shoes and we understand all too well. I feel for you going through this and trying to isolate and not being able so much to keep busy. Take this waiting one day at a time and be reassured most of us waited weeks if not more to get our appointments and surgery sorted. Xx
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    Hi @Jovdp the waiting is so difficult - I know, I was diagnosed a few days before Christmas so a lot of doctors were on leave etc.I ended up seeing my surgeon quite quickly. However, at the time everything seemed to be taking an eternity. During that time I was always reassured that the waiting time was not going to matter - of course it did to me! Keeping busy is difficult but will help. I also found doing some mindfulness worked. Talking to the breast care nurse was probably one of the best things I did as they were very reassuring and were able to explain things to me. I used that waiting time to try and process what was happening. Oh and one really important thing - avoid googling, only use reputable sources. There’s a lot of information at our fingertips and a lot of it is outdated or not necessarily true so please try to avoid it. Keep taking good care of yourself and remember to make contact with your support team which may be extra challenging in these crazy times. We are all here to support you, so hang in there. Xx 
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    Best of luck @Jovdp the time between diagnosis and treatment feels like the longest time ever! Keep busy if you can, but i found it difficult to concentrate on more complex matters. As the ladies said look up information on reputable sites like this one. Your appointments will be here before you know it.
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    Hello @Jovdp I an sorry to hear of your breast cancer diagnosis.  As our members have said, the waiting is the worst.  Try to keep busy if possible.  Dont hesitate to call our helpline on 1800 500 258 if you would like to speak with one of the cancer nurses for information and or support during this time.  Best wishes
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    Thanks everyone, your words of reassurance have certainly calmed me! Doing my best to keep myself busy, I'm a teacher and preparing for distance learning is certainly keeping me busy! Stay safe, stay well. x
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    Hi @Jovdp a friend who also had a different cancer said that you learn to be patient. My diagnosis was just before Christmas, at the screening clinic,  but my gp went on holiday for 2 weeks before I was able to see him. I rang the hospital to talk to the breast care nurse, she was off all of January. I ended up having an appointment with a breast surgeon on 20th January and had surgery on the 19th February. I’m supposed to be having radiation, had a video call to meet the oncologist last week where we decided to go ahead as soon as possible. I haven’t heard any more about that though. So I’m trying to be very patient, too. And Easter would be holding things up as well as this Coronavirus. 
    Good luck xx