Favourite childhood toys and memories

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  • YellowRobin
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    @jennyss Well that takes me back! I used to have the same koala and kangaroo in the back left corner. Mum told me that I had a huge mound of stuffed toys next to me when I went to bed. Apparently I would rotate them so they all got a chance at being close to me. dad would move them all once I dropped off. Memories 🌸
  • Beryl C.
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    My Pedigree doll is about 63yrs old and sadly does not have original hair. Antiques seem to be out of favor given minimalist' trends, currently about $120, quite a bit more about 15 yrs ago. I love that my doll's current outfit was made by my Mum a year or two before dementia set in, she was very creative and  very skilled. Thanks for prompting pleasant memories and reminding me that drawing on life before the internet etc. demanded that we knew how to entertain ourselves, ie, we knew how to be isolated and not feel alone. Interesting how a photo of a doll evokes memories which inform me about how to manage our current situation. Thanks!  
  • jennyss
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    My sister sent me a Lucky Troll Doll recently. He soon made himself at home!