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Lymphoedema Information Day

KristenKristen Member Posts: 70
Registration has just been extended until 13th March 

Come along to Tamworth for the  Regional Lymphoedema Information Day on Saturday 21st March.

 To attend this wonderful day of learning about lymphoedema,
the best practice to treat and manage this condition, latest research,
and opportunity to see and talk to our sponsors about their lymphoedema products! 

7.30-10 am Session for  medical and health care professionals only

10am -4.30 pm Sessions for public-everyone consumers ,medical and health care professionals 


Send your registration form in by 13th March

Go to www.lymphoedemasupport.com and follow the links to register. Don't miss out!

Please go to the Lymphoedema Support Group of NSW Facebook page and like and share their posts.

This  conference is  priceless opportunity for anyone who has had breast cancer surgery,
or who cares for people who have had bc surgery . (family or service industry) 
or other cancers especially head and neck, genital /urinary/gynaecological , melanoma,.

Gp's,physios, occupational therapists, massage therapists, podiatrists,- lots of people who could benefit from top notch advice to be able to help the estimated 40,000+ people living with lymphoedemea in Australia & New Zealand

You can also be born with lymphoedema or a predispostion to it , or it can result from  an injury, can be a side effects from many other diseases also .
Not restricted to breast cancer . 

Up to 20% of all breast,ovarian and prostrate cancer survivors develop lymphoedema.

Early treatment leads to better outcomes.

It is essential for patients to have education and adequate support to ensure compliance and self care to reduce the impact of this chronic condition and reduce associated complications due to inadequate self management of lymphoedema. 


  • KristenKristen Member Posts: 70
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    Lymphoedema Support Group of NSW Inc Saturday, 6th November 2021 9.45am – 2.00pm

    See the Lymphoedema Support Group of NSW webpage, Facebook page and the Eventbrite page for more information and to book tickets


    Cost: $15 members, $30 non-members      (profesional group is hosting the virtual webinar)

    !! FYI. It is a live virtual event,and a recording will not be made available for viewing after the event.

    Sat 6th Nov 2021 9.45-2pm    Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

    Short breaks ,including a 30 min lunch break have been scheduled.


  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 474
    Thanks @Kristen
    would love to go but way too far away for a weekend seeing I’m working on the friday my Pc has a bung sound card so I would be lip reading. Hopefully a session will come to Sydney. At some point
  • KristenKristen Member Posts: 70
    Tamworth was planned for 2020 but it was cancelled when pandemic started.

    But this year they doing it all online,no face to face /people in a room due to pandemic, which is great so almost  anyone can access it from home
    , only if they lucky enough to have tech, with a sound that works.

    But online conference I guess  is better then nothing.

    2019 was held at UTS in Sydney.It was great.They have held it there a few times.Maybe next year.

    The link for the 2021 event still has /Tamworth in the link.
    Bit of a woopsy.But the Lymphoedema support group NSW  rely  mostly on volunteers and mistakes like that easily made.At least it's on the webpage so people who are interested can see the details.
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    Could change the heading of this thread to just

    Lymphoedema Information Day

    I could then add the 2022 one here and keep together  anything for BCR Lymphoedema for anything nsw or national events.

  • KristenKristen Member Posts: 70

  • KristenKristen Member Posts: 70
    The programme for the Australasian Lymphology Association public day, which is online as well as in person in Hobart , on Sat 28th May , is now available at the link below and in the image.
    A D V A N C E S I N A N E W E R A
    Hybrid Event – Hotel Grand Chancellor
    Hobart and Online
    A 3 day conference for proffesionals May 26-28th 2022
    On Saturday 28 May 2022 the conference is opened to the public for Lymphoedema Public Day , for people living with lymphoedema.
    You can pre register to watch it online or attend in person at
    the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart.
    The Public Day provides a fantastic opportunity for people living with lymphoedema to hear about the latest research and information to help understand and manage the condition.
    The program will run from 9.15am – 3.40pm AEST and will feature guest speakers .

  • Mez_BCNAMez_BCNA VictoriaAdministrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 396
    Hi @Kristen I've changed the title for you 
  • KristenKristen Member Posts: 70
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    Don’t forget to register for the ALA public day on this Sat May 28th.
    Please check it out. I am sure you will learn stuff that will help you in your daily care and help motivate you with this never ending daily task we have to keep our swelling down,stop  the tissue getting hard, prevent infections and so much more.

    For most who have had breast cancer surgery, you are at risk of getting lymphoedmea for the rest of your life. Education is the key to prevention and  reducing the impact this annoying life long condition has on our daily life.It can be prevented and managed with the right treatments.But it takes us to get empowered and to learn. Level up!

    Only $20 to register for online attendance via livestream or watch on-demand for one month afterwards.
    So, if your busy on Saturday, you can watch it later, but you do have to register. Don't miss out.

    There will also be the launch of the new national LAA- Lymphoedema Association of Australia- the combined voice for all us lymphies. The breast cancer community is a big portion of  the diagnosed lymphoedmea community , and we can help all the other cancers communities with our big voice and expereinces and research . So please check it out.

     I have had it for 12 years, and the thing i have learnt is ongoing education and early intervention is the most important things.

    The ALA/ Australasian Lymphology Association is the national body supporting professionals, to promote awareness of, and provide best practice in, the management of lymphoedema.Thier vision statement is -Excellence in health care for people living with lymphoedema.


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    Here's another good reason to join the new Lymphoedema Association of Australia .
    Free for members Zoom webinar with THE Proff Neil Pillar !
    Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University South Australia.
    Topic: Understanding Your Lymphoedema.
    Sat 13th August

    For Members of Lymphoedema Association Australia - this webinar is FREE
    Non-Members - $20.00 (inc. GST)

    Not a member of the Lymphoedema Association Australia?
    Join now! Annual financial year fee only $40.00 (General) or $30.00 (Concession)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Become a member of Lymphoedema Association Australia
    Whether you have been diagnosed with lymphoedema, are a relative or friend or provide treatment and support service to those with the condition, we encourage you to join as a Member.
    By signing up as Member today, you are standing up to be counted as part of the lymphoedema community and assisting the Lymphoedema Association Australia to continue its mission to provide advocacy, education, connection and support.
    Join the Lymphoedema Association Australia now, and your membership will extend to 30 June 2023.
    The membership year is from 1 July to 30 June.
    Complete the online membership application form at the link below , selecting the applicable membership category. You will have the option to pay by credit card, EFT / bank transfer or cheque.
    General $40.00
    An individual who supports the purposes of LAA, who may have lived‐experience; be a carer/friend; or health professional in the field of care
    Concession $30.00
    An individual with a valid concession card who supports the purposes of LAA, who may have lived‐experience; be a carer/friend; or health professional.

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