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I am new to the network and have metastasis

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the network. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2016. I had a double mastectomy and axillary clearance and chemo. Six months ago I was found to have mets in my bones. Including skull, spine down to T10, scapulae, ribs, sternum, pelvis and femoral head. So quite extensive. I’m on Palbociclib and Letrozole. As Palbociclib is a 3 week cycle with one week off. The bone pain builds up over the 3 weeks, particularly in skull and spine, as my entire skull is riddled with mets.

Has anyone got a similar diagnosis? I have major depression and feel very bleak about my prognosis.



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     I haven't but just wanted to say hello and hope the pablociclib slows it down for you but if doesn't I expect radiotherapy will be considered. 
    There is also a private metastatic group you may wish to join. You may find similar posts and discussions. The link is below. 


    Also I am wondering if you have the hopes and hurdles resources. You may have got these already from your breast care nurse at the beginning when diagnosed. I've added the link below.


    We are thinking of you and hope you can connect with other members soon. X
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    Nothing to add except to say welcome.
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