Breast Cancer - sometimes it really does give back...maybe...

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I have mostly been offline since 20th December because, as with many other Australians, the bushfires came through and changed the landscape.  My family and I are fine and the house has survived (just- albeit with some major infrastructure damage).  I am heartbroken at the loss of so many animals.  However, I am comparing this to my response to the bushfires that came so close to us 5 years ago.  In those, our property was spared although we did lose our beautiful cat which of course, was extremely traumatic.  We did have a place to live then - at our house or in the place we had already rented in town before the fire hit.  This time, we are displaced and homeless, struggling to find suitable accommodation at a time when Adelaide is booked fairly solidly for an indeterminate period - will it be a couple of weeks or a couple of months?

What, you may ask, is the point of this post?  Yes, there is a lot of hassle that I'd rather not have but I am, so far, taking it in my stride.  I am not downplaying the severity of the fires and their impact but speaking about my personal response.  After the fires 5 years ago, I ranged from feeling like a zombie to feeling like I was so fragile and tightly controlled that the slightest thing could shatter me...much like I felt at diagnosis.  This time, I am stunned by the widespread severity of the fires and deeply saddened by the losses but actually coping quite well on a personal level.  I can only contribute this to my cancer experience as I have noticed so many similarities to that in others.  So, maybe breast cancer does give back a bit in personal growth.  Or maybe it's the calm before the storm and I will fall apart later.  But when I say to people that I'm okay and that the important thing is that we're all safe, I really do mean it - it's not just a screen.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected and I know there must be many on this forum.    


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    Goodness!  As you say an inner strength has come from each adversity.  The breadth and severity of the fires is hard to comprehend coupled with the knowledge of the summer is far from over!
    Heart goes out to you and your family and all others who are affected
    Stay safe and take care
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    It’s an old but true saying - what doesn’t kill you makes you strong. One could wish it were easier but...keep safe, hope things settle soon. 
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    So glad you are all going OK @Sister - I hope that it isn't too long before your power & water is back on & you are able to go back home.   

    Amazing how our cancer experience has changed us in so many ways - even more resilient, as we've had so much thrown at us already  xx

    Yesterday, I was thinking of all the people who have caravans sitting in their garage, yard or in storage that could possibly be used as emergency housing as an interim measure .... 

    take care xxxx
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    Yep, all those unused caravans ????
    My friend firstly offered accommodation at her home but was told she is too far away and people like to stay near their home base.
    She then offered to take their self-sufficient caravan closer to the area ... what the ?? No, more cars on roads, where would it be situated, the insurance etc etc.  These ideas are great as ideas but not always acceptable to the powers that be.  She did her best.  She does not have sufficient income to send a monetary donation .....
    It is sad for all concerned.  The Govt gives out $550 to people at evacuation centres, even if the people were not evacuated.  Guess it will all 'work out in the wash'.
    My thoughts are with anyone impacted by the fires.
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    I so get what you are saying. I think we become much more practical and just take it a day at a time. I do feel myself I cope with things very differently now and so much  I attributing the "don't sweat the small stuff" . I'm sorry for your loss but so happy you and your family are safe. I hope you find somewhere soon. 
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    @sister - just wanted to say Hello and hope that you have been able to find accommodation in the interim and that hopefully things have settled in your area so the repair work can commence
    Take care
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    @Sister hello .....I totally agree, it’s weird but good that the tough stuff makes you stronger.

    And it’s great to get something positive out of breast cancer! Go you! 
    Hope it’s going ok for you xxx
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    Enjoy your last week of holidays, @sister - I hope you got a lot of SUPPing in!!  (I'd just be falling off all the time!  LOL)

    Wishing you and the family all the best as you repair your home hopefully sooner than later & rebuild your lives, xxxx

    Big hugs all round 

    Good to see that many caravans are now being made available to those affected by bushfires for interim accommodation - I've been reading about quite a few that have been delivered up & down the coast & inland - a radio interview

    and a Facebook page for making contact re sharing caravans & camping trailers

    and for info on insurance etc