Unsure about radiation after complete response after chemo & surgery for triple negative bc - Help

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Hello ladies

I'm 26 and earlier this year I was diagnosed with local advanced triple negative breast cancer. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes so they got me started on chemo within 2 weeks of diagnose.
I completed chemo in the end of September and just did my conservation breast surgery on the 5th of November & also had 3 lymph nodes removed. I had complete pathological response yay but the thing is is that they are still recommending radiation therapy.

I feel very unsure about it because it kinda doesn't make sense to me. They want me to start radiation early January and I had an appointment with radiation oncologist today and kinda told him I was leaning more not to do it than to do it. He said that there is not enough data out there that tells it's safe not to do radiation when complete response has been achieved. 

Just hoping I can find someone in the same situation that had same type of cancer preferably but any suggestions/advise is welcome.
Thank you and much love to you all. 


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    Hi there, so sorry you have found yourself in this situation.
    I was 31 when diagnosed with her2 positive locally advanced with lymph node involvement. Had complete pathological response and breast conserving surgery followed by radiation. 
    I am also a radiation therapist so see lots of breast patients daily with differing pathologies etc. The standard of care is to still have radiation despite complete response as a kind of insurance policy. Plus your young age is a factor so they want to hit it with everything.
    Ultimately the decision is yours.
    Best wishes xx
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    Radiotherapy will help zap even the tiniest little cancer cell that may be left in your breast (including skin) and your lymph nodes.  I had chemo, then radiotherapy then bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction (my diagnosis was multi-focal).  Radiotherapy is a breeze compared to chemotherapy and surgery.  Yes, it’s a pain having to attend appointments everyday for so many weeks and then sometimes you end up with nasty skin reactions... but it is better to be safe.  They wouldn’t just recommend radiotherapy ‘just because’.  Hope this helps a little.
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    Hi there, I have just completed my treatment of surgery x 2, chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Triple Negative Breast cancer. I was diagnosed October 2018.

    As you’re probably aware with triple negative b/c the only treatment we can have is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We don’t have the option to have oral tablets after.

    I wanted to throw everything at this diagnosis , so I would have no regret down the track
    Radiotherapy is a walk in the park compared to Chemotherapy.
    At the end of the day it’s your decision, just do your research, wishing you the best outcome on what ever you decide to do.
    If you want to send me a message privately anytime feel free.

    Had my first yearly mammogram after diagnosis and treatment, got the all clear in both breasts, so I’m incredibly grateful and over the moon.
    Sending hugs x