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I am 37 year old diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my right  breast .My tumor is 75mm but not spread in Lymph Nodes.Its Invasive Ducted Carcinoma - BRE Grade 2.I am expecting a call from Hospital today.Dont know the stage yet .Any advise for me ?


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    Thanks Summerhill38:)
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    My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. 
    Gather your friends, family around and let them love you. 
    And dont lose hope.
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    Thanks Strongtogether  :)
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    Welcome @ishaz,

    Sux to be here but you are in the right place for support, information, warmth and understanding.  The start is the worst.  Waiting, waiting and waiting and your brain playing tricks on you.  It's a tricky beast this BC, it's totally specific to yourself.  There are similarities but you really don't know exactly what your dealing with until after surgery and you get your final pathology.  Hence the caution with Dr Google.  We've all done it though :)
    Distraction is probably the best thing at the moment until you see your surgeon.  Stay busy and keep your mind from wandering where it shouldn't.
    Remember no question is too small or too silly to ask here. Everybody get's where you're at.

    All the best lovely.  
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    Hi @ishaz, there is lots of great advice on here about treatment, look in the tests and treatment board specifically.
    @kezmusc is right, there are lots of different types of Breast Cancer (who knew!?) and you will come to find what yours is, and what the treatment program is going to be.
    Be informed is my advice, ask lots of questions and keep up the exercise so you are fit and healthy for surgery and treatment.
    Oh and I just thought of something someone told us, we recorded my first appt with the oncologist and it was so good to be able to listen back to it without the stress of the day. Most doctors seem fine about this.
    Take someone with you too so they can remember bits you don't. 
    Good luck with it all.