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Hi everyone, 
I saw my breast surgeon today for my post lumpectomy follow up appointment. There was much more DCIS found as suspected including in all 3 margins plus some other suspicious looking bits. I had decided already that after my lumpectomy I would be having a double mastectomy and reconstruction because the thought of it coming back and being worse as well as the stress of frequent follow ups to check if the cancer had returned with an already strong family history was too much for me. I feel comfortable about my decision to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I'll be having the expanders put in first and then about 6 months after I will have the second operation for the silicone implants. If there are any ladies on here who have had the same surgery I would love to hear from you, hear your experience and hear any information or advice you feel is important. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it on here I would be very open to hearing from you on Facebook via private message. Hoping to hear from some of you over the next little while and sending lots of love to anyone going through the same journey.  <3


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    Hello Ella. Please join our reconstruction group.
    I had same surgery and my photo story is included in there.
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    Hello @Elle_V92,
    I am unable to offer any advice, but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. Everyone on here is so lovely and supportive. Having said that, we are all allowed to have 'not so lovely days', and that is ok too! Also to wish you the very best outcome for whatever treatment you decide.
    Since starting this journey myself earlier this year, I am just so impressed with the amazing medicos, nurses and allied health staff that are so kind and professional. As a registered nurse of many years, it is so nice to get some care back when you need it.
    Sending you warm wishes, xx

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    There's a wealth of information that will help you on the private group within this site as mentioned above by primek

    also, here's a link that you will garner a lot of information from as well as, including an information sheet on What to Pack for Hospital

    Take care and best wishes
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    I was diagnosed a month ago with invasive ductal carcinoma in the  inner side of my left breast.   
    I have had a lumpectomy and margins were close,  risks of reoccur  high 30% +
    so I'm now considering adjuvant treatment options. I'm  thinking to skip radiation  as I do fear  the impacts on  my already weakened  heart, (cardiomyopathy) Im seeking information , what is involved, what to expect, cosmetic and emotional issues, recovery times etc with  masectocomy and reconstruction. Thank you Elvena
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    Hi @Elvena

    In the posts above in this thread are some great links for you to follow to help with seeking information 
    Take care and best wishes 
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