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Thank you for the MELBOURNE webcast of the the Gold Coast conference !

Ali55Ali55 MelbourneMember Posts: 11
Hi Kellie and the BCNA Team
Thank you for hosting the inaugural “watch party” of the Gold Coast Metastatic BC awareness day in Melbourne this afternoon. While our numbers were small it was a really good event. The technology was simply excellent - not a single technical hitch. A warm welcome and a great opportunity to share and discuss life with MBC. The speakers in the Gold Coast were excellent and the review of the Cancer Australia Statement on the best practice in metastatic Breast cancer was a highlight. Particular thanks to Marie Pandeloglou for suggesting and championing this event, Greatly appreciated ! 
 I am hoping this will become an annual event  and absolutely encourage anyone with MBC to think about attending in the future. I came away inspired ☺️
Best wishes to all 



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