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Problems with neck, jugular,ear and throat area

I have some problems with throat area since spring this year but now it is getting worse. I have the feeling that someone is choking me, especially in the mornings till noon. Also a pressure in my left ear, I feel that I have a swollen area under my left jaw and ear. Have seen an ORL dr but he said that there is nothing wrong with my throat and inside my neck tonsils and voice box are ok. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017. Had radical mastectomy, chemo therapy, radio therapy and Hormonal therapy with Tamoxifen. The problem is that I cannot stand the side effects so I stopped taking it since January. My type of cancer is estrogen and progesterone positive, HER 2 triple positive. Had some analysis done these days and the level of total calcium is more than maximum (10.3 mg/dl reference interval is between 8.4-10.2 mg/dl). Also I have a low value of the mean platelet volume (under the minimum value) and the same for leukocytes. Is there anyone who confronted with this problem? Can be the fact that my breast cancer is starting to spread to the bones? All markers are in limits  but AFP witch is over the maximum limit.
Thank you in advance and wishing you all the best  


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,393
    What is an ORL Dr?
    Have you had your thyroid levels checked? That can cause swallowing problems if swollen but unsure why it would improve over the day.
    Some other things to consider...blocked parotid gland in mouth...or partly blocked.
    Possible dental abscess that is deep and not causing tooth pain but is sitting under it causing pressure. Might be worth having a dental check up to exclude any issue there. 
    Bloid results best explained by your Dr.
  • flori19742003flori19742003 Member Posts: 3
    Otolaryngologist dr. 
    Thank you for your answer.

  • Lisa1407Lisa1407 Elwood, VictoriaMember Posts: 135
    I wouldn't worry about a calcium level that is only 0.1 above reference range. Also increased MPV and MLV are nothing to worry about - these parameters are only useful if some of your other haematological results are abnormal. Having your thyroid checked as a reason for the choking feeling is a good idea.
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