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Swollen parotid gland after chemo for bc

KactusKactus Elizabeth Downs, SAMember Posts: 9
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Hi, this is my first time starting a discussion here, I have done a search and can’t find any relevant info so thought I’d ask you wonderful people. I was diagnosed last month with bc and have had 2 rounds of chemo so far. Both times I have developed a swollen parotid/salivary gland 2-3 days post chemo just on one side and went to hospital both times to get it checked out. The doctors say it may or may not be related to the chemo (I’m no doctor but pretty sure it is as I’ve never experienced it before) and just to keep hydrated and try not to get a dry mouth to prevent it and I am on antibiotics now just to ensure it doesn’t get infected. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem and if so, did it happen after every round? And do you have any other tips to prevent/help get rid of it? Thanks xxx


  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 379
    Sorry to hear this @Kactus. I didn't get swollen glands but my chemo was Taxol and it affected my mouth, teeth ,nose,eyes and throat. All in the same region as your gland!  I ended up in hospital too on IV antibiotics with a swollen throat but with good neutrophil levels and never did find out the exact cause. Hope it clears up soon . All the best with the rest of your treatment, xox
  • KactusKactus Elizabeth Downs, SAMember Posts: 9
    Thanks @poodlejules, I think I’ve got taxol next so have that to look forward to 😬🙄💖
  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 379
    Oh gosh, sorry to hear you have a couple of chemo regimes. Take it easy on yourself, lots of hints on these pages. I'm nearly 3 years post treatment and about 20 years older :D than you, looking at your lovely pic (!) There's a topic on icing hands and feet and peripheral neuropathy which you might find interesting as the 'taxol' chemos can give you that as well :'( and I avoided it with the icing.J x
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,391
    Not something I've heard of but suspect it might have some infection in there that increases when chemo given. My sister, who never had chemo had this problem for a bit. Sucking on some cut lemon actually helped clear it and bonus is it's antibactetial. Being on chemo might be challenging for you to tolerate. I did drink soda water with a slice of lemon on chemo so that might even assist.
  • KactusKactus Elizabeth Downs, SAMember Posts: 9
    Thanks @primek, I’ll give the 🍋 a go
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