What's happening in Choosing Breast Reconstruction

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Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update as to what's happening in our group and a reminder if you belong to our group to pop on over from time to time to see if you can offer some support or seek support if needed.  Remember we are a private group and as such our posts do not appear in the main forum.

We have a new member seeking support and information in regards to tissue transfer surgery.
We have posted some information in regards to the TGA and proposals regarding textured implants This post also contains links to the latest info posted by BCNA.

If you are not a member and would like to join follow this link You will find lots of information and support and a great collection of photo stories shared by our very generous members. If you have trouble joining please message me or @Giovanna_BCNA and we should be able to help you out.

Thanks as always to our regular ladies who continue to come back and support the ladies in our group even though your own reconstructions have been some time ago.  Without you our group would not be the great place it is.

Happy Sunday all.

Paula @mum2jj
and the other group leaders who help join up new members and look after our group. @chorsell, @jane221, and @LouiseTurner

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