To Shave or not to shave?

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Hi everyone would like to know your experience.
Just about finished my last round of Chemotherapy, hair is starting to grow back but it’s quite light and fluffy.

Spoke to a lady the other day and she said that she shaved her head again to get rid of the fluff, once it grew back it looked and felt like hair .

Any other thoughts out there?


  • Afraser
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    The fluff turns into hair too. I was too impatient to shave it all off and start again, also it seemed hard to lose it twice!! If my experience is anything to go by, it can take 18 months for your new hair to ‘settle’ - not to have hair back, but for fluctuations in texture, curliness and colour to sort themselves out. So getting used to the “well, what next?” element is quite useful. It’s a bit of an adventure. I saved frequent trims for once real hair had emerged - help give shape and, in my case, get rid of the frizzies quicker. Best wishes. 
  • kitkatb
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    Hi @Shellshocked2018_  Hope all good with you.   I just had a buzz cut number 2 not a shave.  Don't know if it made any difference . I had read the same thing   xo
  • kmakm
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    Hey @Shellshocked2018_, I just let it grow. My fluff became hair, but it was quite wirey, kind of like wool on a sheep. When it was long enough to trim and shape I booked a hair appointment. I've kept it short (love it) and it took a year for that texture to go away. It's come through really wavy, curly in some spots, which it wasn't before. Maybe the curl was pulled out by the length of my hair previously, I don't know. But I love my soft curls and waves. K xox
  • primek
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    I just kept it short until all areas filled in. I had long fuzz on my neck. My hairdresser just kept me tidy and shaped whilst it grew evenly. My hair at the back grew whilst on taxol but I was still bald at the front. (Male pattern baldness look) as soon as I had full coverage. ..fuzz in included I went hatless. Mine was completely white initially.
  • Zoffiel
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    I kept mine buzzed at a #3 until I was sure all the 'poisoned' hair had grown out. I actually liked it like that, but the Energiser Bunny most certainly Did Not. The poor man has been an absolute champion through the whole performance and the pained expression when I'd turn up with another clipper haircut  guilted me into letting it grow into a pixie. I'm about as pixie as Shrek, but it's a compromise :)
  • Sister
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    I hated the fluff and with having no eyebrows as well, I looked like a demented wedge-tailed eagle chick (google the image).  I took it off at a No. 1 and when it grew back it was pretty normal (apart from the colour, a slight wave in the wrong direction, and a new double crown!).  Hubby wasn't particularly impressed but I felt better with it clipped than that horrible white fairy floss.
  • Flaneuse
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    I hated the fluff but just let it happen (no man to complain). It's changed so much - through little tight waves to now being straighter, and my second crown is more uncontrollable than it used to be. Only 10 months on from end of chemo. Someone told me hers took two years to settle into a permanent state.