Another year done!

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Hi All,

This week I got the results of my second year mammogram n ultrasound  after triple negative BC.
It's all good  so on with the next 6months  and MRI in December. It was such a relief to hear the words that all was ok. Hubby and I  then went out for a nice  lunch to celebrate. Just thought I would share the good news with you all as you have always given me loads of support. Another piece of good news is I have got myself a new job horrary!! It's casual but that's fine with me and the hours are a lot better than the last one defiantly only 6 hours a day. So this week has been a good one all round for me.

Thanks for listening  and hope you all have a good weekend. 

Take care  🤗💕


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    That's awesome news  @smokie08  worth a nice glass of wine and fantastic about the job.  6 hours is great hours.    Just had all my first year scans today also triple negative so crossing my fingers until I go down for results next friday.
    Due to reading what everyone says on the forum I actually asked them if it was a 3D mammogram and it was. She explained that they don't have to clamp the boobs so hard on a 3D as it picks it up really well compared to a 2D where they have to clamp quite hard to get a better image.  Noticed the difference big time and didn't come out feeling like I've been through the mangler. ( if thats even a word Lol )
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    @smokie08 Yay!! I hope it was a wonderful lunch. You deserve it.  :*
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    Fantastic news on both fronts @smokie08!
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    Good news, thats what we like to hear. Congraties :)
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    I’m so so happy for you, this has made my day, as you know Smokie08 I’m also triple negative, you go girl.....
    Sounds like you have got through the toughest two years, so so exciting.
    I just want to jump through the I pad to give you a big big hug.
    Are you going to the conference in Adelaide in July? 

    Sounds like Ike you’re getting your life back on track, enjoy and congratulations with the new job, everything is looking up for you.
    Hugs and kisses xoxo