Dental work while having Chemo treatment

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In February I was diagnosed with Early Stages Her 2 + Estrogen + cancer. I have 6 months of chemo, radiation, Hercepton and Hormone therapy ahead of me. I have already had my first 2 three weekly cycles of chemo and have a tooth that is cracked and needs to come out but the dental surgeon said he needs to cut into my jaw :( My oncologist has said he would really like me to baby it through till after my chemo finishes but it is starting to bother me. I was wondering if anyone else on here has has dental issues.


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    I had a cracked tooth and they put in a temporary filling. Really not worth the hassle to have major dental work done in case an infection happens.

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    That's so tricky!
     I had a crown bridge (2 teeth) just break and drop out 3 weeks into my 12 week Taxol treatment. I had to have the root and root canals (all 3 of them :s) removed. The dentist rang my oncologist to get all my info beforehand, my neutrophils were fine, and went ahead with the extraction. I had to go on antibiotics afterwards of course but got through it and it healed nicely . I was already rinsing througout chemo but had to be even more vigilant.
    I was lucky that through my treatment at Peter Mac ,I was able to see a dentist there after all my treatment was finished and had a plate made. Not as good as the crown bridge but better than a gap ! Good luck @Pascoe
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    @Pascoe I had my teeth cleaned prior to chemo as I didn’t want to have anything dental done during. Obviously it is abit harder for you as you have something that may have to be attended to sooner rather than later. I would be worried about risk on infection and putting your body through more stress.  If u end up being in pain though u may have to bite the bullet and get it done.  Good luck xoxo
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    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I hope that I can just keep rinsing and nurse it through. Just terrified of it becoming infected. Very reassuring to hear @poodlejules your extraction went. I am still on Doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide with my three weekly cycles followed by Paclitaxel and Hercepton so maybe it may be better to try and hang in till the Paclitaxel. 
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    These things always happen at the wrong time. Just be aware that Taxol (Paclitaxel) is often hard on soft tissue so eyes, mouth and nose can be affected. I got an off and on bloody nose (easy to bleed, then unpleasantly crusty when it dried up then off it would go again) and lost my taste buds. All these side effects cleared up quickly when I stopped but maybe chat to your oncologist about the treatment you need. Best wishes. 
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    I just recently had an abscess, during chemotherapy went to see dentist.
    Made dentist aware of my current treatment, gave the dentist my oncologists contact number so they could discuss my case.
    Dentist started to do a root canal as the nerve in the tooth was dead and had an abscess.
    During the procedure the dentist advised me that the tooth had a crack through it and the tooth will have to be removed.
    Due to my treatment and I have previously been neutropenia, the dentist drained the abscess, filled the tooth with antibiotics and pain relief.
    The tooth will not be pulled out until active treatment is completed and white blood cell counts are all good.
    In the meantime if pain comes back the dentist will just do the same procedure again to keep me out of trouble until it’s all good to remove the tooth.
    Speak with your dentist and they can speak with your oncologist regarding any treatment that is needed.

    My tooth hasn’t given me anymore grief so far.😀
    Hopefully this will get me through, I hope this has helped.
    Keep us posted on how you go.
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    @Pascoe wow i am in the exact same boat as you. About to start cycle 3 AC and got told i pretty much cant have any work done. Maybe during taxol but not guaranteed. Meanwhile i have been battling aches and headaches for the last 5 days. Hoping the antibiotics (dentist said could be start of infection ) and paracetamol osteo helps  :'( also very paranoid about fevers from the infection 
  • Shellshocked2018_Shellshocked2018_ Fleurieu Peninsula , SAMember Posts: 154
    Pinkcloverss , I hope the antibiotics are kicking in and giving you some relief. Keep your eye on your temp , if in doubt take yourself to emergency.
    Have you asked your oncologist if you can take something stronger for your headaches?, I would give them a call and ask as you don’t need to be suffering.

    My tooth hasn’t given me any trouble since the abscess was drained tooth packed with pain relief and antibiotics, hoping it stays that way until after treatment is finished. If not I will just go back to,the dentist and get the same treatment again to get me through.
    I’ve had a good run with Paclitaxel so far and I’m half way through, but I know of other women who have had low white cell count during treatment.

    Sending hugs xx
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    @Pinkcloverss , sorry to hear you are going through  a similar situation. I am still nursing my tooth through and fingers crossed still no infection. I am crazy paranoid about rinsing with cepacol (advised by the oral surgeon) after anything I eat and also lots of salty gargling, so just crossing all fingers. 
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