Exercise in Adelaide

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I've decided to go ahead with my own aqua exercise programme.  At least once a week, probably Friday afternoon around 4pm, at the ARC pool in Campbelltown for about 45 minutes.  I may try to fit in a Tuesday or Wednesday as well but waiting to find out term logistics around kids.  If any of you Adelaideans would like to join me, you're more than welcome.  However, I must say that this will be my own set of exercises taken from years on and off of aqua.  I am in no way qualified as a health or fitness professional and anything someone else does, whether copying what I do or their own thing, must be under their own cognisance and they should see a health professional about their own programme if they have any concerns.  I'm putting out the invitation as a social thing to exercise together - what anyone else chooses to do in the pool is up to them.  I also want to say that I'm not making any "written in blood" commitment - if life gets too hard then I don't want to feel that I am going to let anyone down if I can't make it.

The ARC prices are quite reasonable - I think they're on their website.  https://www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=4971 

Let me know if you're interested so I can look out for you.


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    If I didn’t live South of the city I would join you, I’m having trouble getting motivated to go to the pool before or after work even though i know the benefits.  The hydro classes near me seem to be early week day mornings when I’m on my way to work which is a shame.  Enjoy your swim.

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    That's what I found too @clouise.  I had asked if I could join Encore again this term and they put me on the waiting list in case there weren't enough newbies but I decided that I really didn't want to repeat the hour session beforehand even if I could get in.
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    Hi sister, I’m the same as Clouise, if I didn’t live in the Southi would join you