Chemo curls

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How long did it take for you to lose your chemo curls? I’m 6 months past chemo & my hair is growing quite fast, but I think it’s getting curlier 🧐. Wouldn’t mind getting my straightish hair back now (although I am happy just having hair)


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    Oops, just realised there is a hair discussion already 😏
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,887
    Nothing wrong with starting another. I'm two years post chemo and my hair has settled down a bit. It's always been curly or wavy depending on length, but the frizz I could live without. It's also gone quite dark, particularly at the back. I used to have dark hair but let it go grey years ago and now it's back. In patches. Go figure. Mxx
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    Two years 😳 Oh no. Yeah, my hair is so grey & the ones that aren’t are dark. I used to have light coloured hair with the odd grey....
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    We're all different in this too, @Doodoo. I finished chemo in the October, but didn't start going out without a hat or scarf until February.  My hair grew back very salt and pepper to start with. My chemo curls were lovely soft curls, and I wanted to keep them. Alas for me, by 1 year after chemo, no more curls.  By around the same tome it had returned to my natural colour. I elected not to go back to colouring it, instead joking with people that I got out of growing the colour out the "easy way" - said with tongue firmly in cheek  :p
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    I’ve tried staying grey @lrb_03, but have decided to get some lighter foils. I see myself in window reflections every now & then & I get such a shock! Dark hair greying with curls!! Who is this person 😳 xx
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    I finished chemo in October too @lrb_03. Did you have radiation? How are you going now?
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,411
    I finished I finished active chemo in October too! No radiation. I love the feel of my hair but it is radical to look at. Goes every which way. 
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    Hubby had curly hair for some years following his chemo - and even has a little bit of curl now, 9 years later!!

    A girlfriend had straight hair before her chemo 10+ years ago ... and still has significant curls now!!
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    There’s a few of us finished in Oct then @Blossom1961. Just had a facial. Had a head massage & eek, curls everywhere 😂. First one since pre cancer. Bliss!! 
    @arlie looks as though these curls won’t be going anywhere soon then!
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,170
    Sorry,  @Doodoo, I  wasn't terribly clear. I finished chemo in October 2015, not last year. I was more trying to give a bit of a timeline, for when things happened for me. I still wish that I'd had those chemo curls for a bit longer, though  :D
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    @Doodoo  I can't remember how long I had the curls when my hair grew back & wished it would stay that way, alas it grew back to the wavy frizzy hair I'd had previously. It stayed curly for maybe months, I'll have to google why it grows back curly but it likely will be too scientific for me to understand. All the best for your normal hair to start growing through again. Cheers.
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