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Hi all, just a quick question... I was due to have a bilateral mastectomy with diep recon this Tuesday but cancer was found in nodes so they have decided to just remove right breast and put in expanders until treatment is complete. Was wondering what others peoples experience was with this surgery? Eg recovery time? How long in hospital? Pain?
Thanks for all your wonderful words of wisdom xx


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    Hi @Mic80. I didn't have a mastectomy,  so can't really help you from that perspective.
    Have you joined the Choosing breast reconstruction private group?

    You need to request to join, then you sometimes have to wait for one of the admin to be online to approve you.
    @Jane221, @melclarity, I'm trying to think of who's had expanders. @primek

    Hope this helps a little
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    @Mic80 I havent had expanders but I have had the diep flap. Happy to chat over in Breast Recon..

    There's alot of support there, request to join and we can certainly help you with lots of information.

    x M
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    Oh of course.... yes I have joined that group, I will re post there, sorry xx
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    Hi there. My photo story is in the reconstruction group.
    I had expanders put it with a matrix sling unser the pec muscke. I was in hospital 4 days but that was mainly due to post op nausea. My expanders were 3/4 filled from the start. It was tight but mainly I noticed weakness in my arms due to chest muscle being cut but this quickly returned.
    I found them initially really uncomfortable (like a sewn in bra) but by around 5.5 weeks I was doing everything I could before...just avoiding weights until week 10 by the physios advise.

    Hospital stay times seem to vary a lot depending on tbe Doctor.