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The Chilly Towel - wrap it around your pillow

KarynJKarynJ SE QldMember Posts: 182
I have for many years used a body pillow (very long pillow 148cm x 50cm) to help with back issues when I lie on my side.

Since bc and rads, I find that my chest gets so hot with the pillow pressing up against that area.

Before I started rads, I found this product called the Chilly Towel.  https://chillytowel.com.au/ invented by, you guessed it, a bc survivor.  It's a big chamois that you keep slightly damp and in the fridge when you're not using it.

So I have now discovered that if I wrap the Chilly Towel around my body pillow, I have beautiful cool comfort against my chest at least for some time while trying to fall asleep.  It doesn't drip like a face washer can, but it does leave my nightie a little damp - very bearable in summer heat.

It can of course be used for many other things to help keep you cool.  I have had it wrapped around my elbow to help with inflammation and of course on the rads site.

Keep cool everyone!


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