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reconstruction after mastectomy chemo and HER2 infusion to follow

jfinchamjfincham Member Posts: 1
Hi all,
I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Results also indicate I have HERS2. I will be undergoing a mastectomy and I have the option of a reconstruction at the same time. Just wondering if anyone out there has had reconstruction and what type? How was it recovering from it? Are you glad you did it? So many questions but I'm emotionally freaking out about waking up after surgery with my right hand breast gone. Thanks Judy


  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,903
    Hi Judy. I'm sorry that you've found yourself here, but I hope you find it as warm and supportive as I have.

    After a lumpectomy and another surgery because the surgeon didn't get clear margins, I had chemotherapy and then, for a number of reasons, had a double mastectomy & immediate DIEP (using my belly fat) reconstruction. Like you, I couldn't bear the thought of waking up flat.

    Saying goodbye to my breasts was hard. That erogenous zone is gone forever now, but I have no regrets. My plastic surgeon did an excellent job (though I'm yet to finish off with nipples. Soon!) and you'd never know in clothes. Because they're my own flesh they're soft and warm and move like breasts. From the inside I sense them as me, not foreign, and that's nice. My husband certainly enjoys going the grope!

    It's a massive operation make no mistake. I was under for nine hours, and a basic rule of thumb is six weeks for a basic recovery, three months for a full recovery. Not to be taken lightly but for me, worth it.

    I'll always be sad my boobs are gone but I have zero regrets. I believe I've made the best of a bad situation.

    Please join the Choosing Breast Reconstruction group for picture stories, including mine.

    Hang in there lovely. Deep breaths. K xox
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,124
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