Diet Gerson cancer diet?? Anyone tried

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Hi all. I was diagonesd on wed. I was reading before hand about cancer fighting foods diets supplements quiting sugar etc. Coffee enemas😖 a fiend gave me a nook which follows rhe Gerson cancer centers diet. It looks strict but very beneficial. Has any taken tried doing very healthy living. I want to try just scared of missing coffee and chocolate lol


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    Most of us have been given advice from well-meaning friends about how to prevent or treat cancer with this or that diet, superfood, etc (see Mountain Lions post).  If it was that easy...  The truth is as @primek has said - these things range from hopeful to exploitative.  Try them by all means if your onc approves but do remember that they aren't evidence-based.  The recommendations for reducing alcohol, healthy range weight, and exercise are evidence-based but do remember that even these are only helpful, not cures, and we're talking stats not individuals.
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    My brother-in-law tried the very extreme healthy diet instead of treatment for prostate cancer about 4 years ago, vegan, coffee enemas, no alcohol etc prob even tried rubbing kale on it ( just read the Mountain Lion post) and he is now having chemo for the cancer that has spread through his body and has not got a very good long term prognosis.  My GP has told me the same advice as ladies have suggested above - healthy weight, calorie control/smaller meals, lots of veggies, no sugar restrict alcohol to a minimum, diet or supplement rich in antioxidants and all this is together with my treatment and almost as important as good diet is exercise, think every specialist I have seen so far has said how important exercise is. Good luck
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    Thanks. Ive wanted to try quit sugar for ages just love it so much but if there ever was s good time its now or well after xmas 
  • Megs04Megs04 AdelaideMember Posts: 37
    Thanks all for yiur responses i really appreciate it. Especially info on Gerson's diet. So healthy diet suppliments exercise and meditation etc plus conventional treatment. No sugar
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    Megs04 welcome, you will get great advice here:) 

    The only small changes I have made were based on the advice from the dietician at my hospital.  We discussed my diet and she says it's pretty good and balanced, fortunately I love brown rice, kale, fruit, nuts and vegies etc.  My biggest concern was that I do not eat much red meat or eggs, I love seafood and tofu and tolerate chicken once a week.  

    For me I thought the killer was going to be giving up my daily chocolate bar.  Chocoholic ;) I think Cadbury's share price will drop.
    It has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be, I brush my teeth, floss and use the mouthwash straight after dinner and then never think of chocolate.  I have also reduced my portion size as it helps with the reflux. 

    I gave up drinking when I retired, it seemed as good a time as any and I was using it as a coping mechanism to deal with a toxic work environment.
    Before my diagnosis, I was looking forward to a small glass of champers on NYE and so I asked the dietician, she said go for it, I can even have two small glasses.

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    I also just wanted to add something about suppliments. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy (if that's what you require) treatment most aren't recommended. It can actually adversely impact on the effectiveness. I guess we don't want to protect the cancer cells from chemo. Once that treatment is finished...go for it. 

    This link also gives great information. And with everything it's recommended you discuss with your oncologist.
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    I think everyone goes through this kind of thing at the beginning.  It's almost like you are looking to blame something for caused it and are not going to do it again.  As said, the recommended diet, exercise thing is the same as for every other type of cancer and chronic illness illness prevention.
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    To be honest, no sugar (like no salt) gets close to being impossible these days. But as both are automatically added to so much (including bread) and exist in many forms (such as "healthy" fruit juice) the best advice is to be very conscious of what you knowingly add. A square or two of chocolate as a treat occasionally is unlikely to do any harm, health wise. A block is a different thing. Moderation is the key. And a breakout occasionally won't destroy all your good work! 
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    And isn't that what we are all meant to eat every day? Nothing will prevent breast cancer.
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    @Megs04 there is a lot of negatives for this diet on the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre which is NYC hospital with a strong research arm - MSKCC is recommended by BCNA and it’s Herbs app is used by many doctors.It is worth reading having both a consumer and professional page - the latter incorporating all the latest research papers.The Herbs app btw is free to upload.
    Its web address is care/diagnosis-treatment/symptom-management/integrative-medicine/herbs  I have found it an extraordinary site and encourage you to have a thorough look at it.
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,959
    @Romla I had added the link above to MSCC  :)
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,878
    Oops sorry @primek - saw Gerson on website and remembered someone asked about it without reviewing previous posts.A friend who died of ovarian cancer some years ago  went on it and sent alarm bells ringing
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