Funny rash and bruising.

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My background....TNBC in 2015. Had lumpectomy, sentinel nodes...5 removed all clear. Chemo 6mths and one month rads.  Got through that OK. Continued with my walking, yoga and Lots of exercises.
2018 just made the 3 years, found small lump under my arm. Five weeks ago following a biopsy it showed cancer had returned surgeon removed 16 nodes, 11 had cancer.  CT scan found 2 very small nodules on my lung. Biopsy showed cancer.  All cancer found is TNBC. Confusion over my HER2 - was it negative in 2015.  Finally they have discovered that it is now positive.
sorry thought I had better explain my history.
About one week ago I got a reddish rash over my right breast  ( this is the problem side) and bruising, especially where the drain was after the nodes were removed.  
My breast surgeon didn't know what it was but put me on antibiotics. As I was also due to see my oncologist the same day the surgeon suggested I also ask him.  He had no idea. So off to the GP....she had no idea but thought it looked like a mild attack  of shingles.  Saw the BC nurse and she has no idea either.
Has anyone else experienced a rash? 
Would like it it cleared up before I commence chemo.  🌹



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    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis  -  you've really been thru the mill enough already.

    I hope someone will be able to help you re the rash.  I know that shingles cane very painful & debilitating, so hope the antibiotics clear it up.

    All the best for your ongoing treatment xx
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    If its shibgkes it would be very painful to touch and woild blister. You beed didferent meducation to treat it to  reduce the time frame. 

    Will you be starting herceptin and taxol soon?
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    Hi .. I developed shingles a few weeks ago - after my self diagnosis of a plague attack of mozzie bites proved wrong. They were in a line from the left breast, under the arm and on my back which is apparently characteristic of shingles appearing along a nerve. Fortunately, they no longer ache and the marks have just about disappeared. I'm also metastatic. It seems we're more vulnerable to some infections etc due to low immunity. This week's special annoyance is conjunctivitis! Take care of yourself - this disease is a particularly trying marathon.
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    Thank you all for your reply.  I did have shingles during my first chemo treatment, caught early. And last year the oncologist said I could have the shingles injection, which I did.
    My GP did put on the special medication for shingles.  Think she thought shingles because the rash seem to wrap itself around my body.  No pain! Also thought I may have a mild dose because of having the shingles injection last year.
    such a mystery, appreciate your help.  🌹
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    @LITHGOW1950 ;
    Hi!  Crumbs you're in the wars at present.
    I had a rash that was a mystery.  It started off high in my left breast, mastectomy site, and starting to grow each day, 3 months after surgery.  
    I couldn't get an appointment with my GP as he was on holidays so I rang my Breast care nurse.  She made it clear that any change of skin colour needs attention and that my contact with her should always be the priority.  She let my Breast surgeon know and he rang me and asked for a photo which we texted to him.  He asked for a photo the next morning and he could see that the rash area had increased so he asked me to pack a bag and head into hospital for 5 days of strong intravenous antibiotics.  I was free to go off during the day as long as I was in my room for the drip when it was due.  He measured the rash and each day it grew until the antibiotics started to work.
    Conclusion for me, still a bit of a mystery, however it was determined it was topical and as a result I keep away from sorbolene cream.
    Two months later I had changeover surgery from expander to implant and the surgeon said as soon as he opened me up he could see everything was clean and the pathology confirmed that my rash was only topical.
    Every appointment now the emphasis is any skin colour change, any sign of a rash, make sure if there is to get in touch immediately

    Hope my tale helps you

    Take care and sending you a virtual hug
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    Thank you for your reply. Very interesting read. I have been using sorblene cream but not since the rash started. 
    Funny that bruising appeared also. I’ll keep an eye on it but appreciated your reply, makes me not worry as much about it. I’m going to see what “topical” means. 
    Did you have any discomfort/pain with it. I didn’t. 
    Always something. 
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    No discomfort.
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    Is the oral antibiotic helping at all?
  • LITHGOW1950LITHGOW1950 Member Posts: 311
    Just finished tablets yesterday and no it has not helped. 😡 So will call GP tomorrow. I’m hoping to go on a short cruise to Tasmania Sat 18 Nov (before I commence chemo) so would like it cleared up. Thank you for asking. 🌹
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    hope it sorted itself out - I got a rash like that a couple of times - early stages of cellulitis and needed the correct antibiotic to clear it up.  mine was just confined to the area that had the radiation treatment and has scarred and compromised lymphatic system (had a very clear line where it stopped up the centre where the radiation stopped).
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