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Hey there
I am 4 weeks post  chemo. Which was the last one after 6 rounds. I am so fatigued and i cannot walk very far. 
Is this normal. Im constantly tired and want to sleep. ?


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    Quite normal but you should now start to improve. Doesn't hurt to talk with oncologist or GP if no improvement at all in 2 weeks. Possibly you are anaemic or thyroid is out. Simple blood test can check that  out. It was about 7 weeks before I was on the improve but I tired quickly. I went back to work for 4 hours a day then home and slept for an hour. For me it took 6 months to recover. I kept trying though and used to do regular short walks to improve my exercise tolerance also. 
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    Thanks @primek,
    I will certainly call my oncol and keep walking
    Xxx Trikki2 
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    I’m five weeks post my last chemo and started radiation 2 weeks ago and am just starting to feel better now and able to walk a bit more. I was very very ordinary until late last week early this
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    It's cumulative and takes quite a while to get out of your system.  I think too, that it's an emotional thing of having "got through it".
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    Fatigue!  It's difficult when you are in it!  You have to roll with it but everyday life demands sometimes that you need to push on and hence it gets harder!  Eventually with the passing of time it settles although even now and then it rears its head when I have the least amount of time or patience for it!  

    Here's a link that has a very good explanation of it and coping mechanisms

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    Hi Trikki2, I had terrible fatigue during first week of radio and wondered  how I was ever going to make it through to the end, and then the 2 weeks after when side effects supposedly peak. Being self employed it was quite stressful. However, I was fortunate to come across a great Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner. She had the fatigue fixed within a few days. If you're open to alternative therapies it might be suitable for you. Obviously check with your treating docs as they know all the particulars of your health. Some docs seem more flexible to alternatives than others. Good luck xx
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     I love alternative therapy.  I might look into that alot. Xxx
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    Hi Trikki , I too got very tired and would make myself walk. My chemo was on a Thursday, so on the Friday I would stroll up the road about 50m then back. Gradually I would extend my walk. Sometimes I would walk each day a little further, sometimes I would have a days break depending on how I felt. I would just manage it on what I had on as to how much I would do as long as I moved. Be kind to yourself, and take care x
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