Cold caps, triple negative and FEC-D

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Hi all, I had my first oncology appointment today and chemo is planned. I’m having FEC-D treatment (for triple negative bc).
The cold cap is also being offered. Has anyone used the cold cap with this particular treatment? Was it effective and was it worth it? 


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    A lot of women have used the cold cap with mixed results.  I tried for the first 2 sessions but ended up with a bald strip across my head from ear to ear that I couldn't cover.  I decided that it was more upsetting than being bald so I gave up, got the rest clipped and let it fall out.  Personally, I think it's worth giving it a go - you can always stop if it doesn't work well enough.
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    HI @Kellee,

    I had a different chemo regime than you but had a great run with the cold cap.  If it is being offered it's definitely worth a go.  I wouldn't be too concerned if you are told it won't work on this treatment or that treatment.  Everyone responds differently and a lot of people are quite negative. You never know if you don't try. There are some stats on the Paxman website about different treatment success rates if you wanted to look.

     I will say though that the 1st treatment is the make or break with it.  Do your homework and make sure you know how it is supposed to fit and work before you start. Don't leave it up to the nurses as some are experienced and some are not and only you can tell if it's fitting properly.

    I am more than happy to give you some tips if you like.  Just send me a pm.

    All the best lovely.


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    Hi @Kellee I have picked up your Sept thread as I wondered how you have gone with your cold cap?  I have only had 2 AC cycles and found I had a headband shaped swathe across my head where u can see my scalp very easily, but I cover it with a headband or hat.  Any least I have most of my hair although it is very fine and thin all over.  After 4 weeks it stopped falling out but now at 8 weeks it is falling out a lot again.  Have u experienced this?  Maybe it is stress because I had to give up any more treatment due to severe stroke like symptoms which have had to b investigated by neurologists at Uni. HOspital.  Also could you tell me why FEC was chosen instead of AC as I am triple negative too and am looking for an alternate chemo treatment. Thanks, Sirrah x
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